Chapter 1 - Before the Clouds began to BreakMature

Throughout Osaka, people are suddenly dying with no explanation. The only clue is of a mysterious chatroom thought to be an urban legend.

The detective had hoped this was just a bad nightmare. In the dim light of the office, the lines upon his face seemed much deeper giving him a weary gaze. In contrast, Kocho Yoko Aida kept a strange innocence within her eyes. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun and her features lacked any make up but she was quietly assured of her authority. Detective Kenta Orikasa felt foolish speaking but knew he had to; this was something he never forgot.

"So, it appears the rumours are true." said Kenta. "This so-called chat room has apparently returned. Naturally, we assume it's pranksters but.."

He broke off and shrugged. His way of ending his sentences.

Yoko sighed. She continued her pressing stare at Kenta as though she was trying to figure him out.

"Detective Orikasa, forgive me but you would not be here if it were not for the spate of recent deaths. I know this is to do with that so-called Raining Room." she said. "The student's gossip seems to be more reliable than the local news as of late."

Kenta noticed a tightness in her jaw as she spoke. A hardened sheen crossed her eyes but faded in her soft brown iris.

"Please understand Kocho Aida, I mean no disrespect. It just appears to be some horrific example of dark humour but you know how impressionable students are." replied Kenta.

Yoko nodded sternly. Her hands folded upon her desk as she spoke.

"I understand that, Detective. I will also state, like many schools in the country, we have security measures in place to block social media. It's a rather disruptive waste of time, don't you think?"

"Perhaps but, consider this.. parents everywhere are jamming our lines. We're hearing complaints we're doing nothing as kids everywhere seem to be dropping like flies." said Kenta. He noted her disgust at his poor choice in words and softened his tone. "There has been unconfirmed reports in Kyoto. They've had to restrict internet access while they trace this website. I just don't want anything happening to your students that we could easily prevent."

"Neither do I, Detective. But rest assured, this will not be a problem. Our IT department is the finest around. I myself am quite savvy when it comes to technology. I quashed the use of Snapchat on school grounds quite effectively."

She allowed the smallest of smiles. Kenta replied in kind, stood and bowed.

"Thank you for your time, Kocho Aida. Let's hope this is the last time we meet in these circumstances."

Remaining in her seat, Yoko bowed and watched him leave. For a long time after, she stared at her folded hands as the faint sounds of chatter and laughter filled the halls outside.

The End

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