The Rain Poured Down

High School student Alexandria [Alex] Burgess horomones seem to be spinning out of control, First she's crushing on her brother's bff, than her bff who shes been friends with for years, then her ex who she went out with for 3 years, who next her best girlfriends brother? uh oh...

Everyone loathes the rain, but sometimes it can be a good thing, like when you need to get away for a while just escape from the hollow emotional pang of you head. And when your walking in the rain you focus more on the shiver of your damp throbbing joints more than the ache of your insides. And in the rain, you can cry. Let your strong stone surface crumble for a moment and just let it all out, without anyone even knowing. I wasn't wearing many layers, but the hard droplets had soaked their way through over twenty minutes ago, it was cold at the time but now the stabbing pain was numbing slowly. My black hair plastered to my face, I didn't know where I was, or how I got there, or even where I was going, but I knew where I didn't want to be, and that was enough to keep me walking further into no where. Finally I gave up, deciding I was far enough and I sat against a tree, exhausted.

I woke up, still against the tree I don't remember falling asleep... Maybe I was dead? the thought brought a smile to my pale stone face. A damp leaf fell from a branch above and promptly landed on my shaking hand. Definitely not dead. I knew I shouldn't have, but I pulled out my phone and called the one person I knew would understand, or even in the least just sit and listen. My older brother’s friend Mark would always listen when I was upset. I wouldn't even have to ask, it was like he just knew. Which is exactly why I should not have called him and asked him to come for a walk with me. But, I’m stupid, so... I did.

I met him at a small park in town his dark hair flipped out under his hat and his dark eyes, almost black, sparkled in the moist, heavy air.

"What's your mind? you seem, I don't know, distracted..."

"Something along those lines..."

"Alex you know you can talk to me."

"But, talking isn't what I need to do..."

"Well what do you 'need' to do?"

I looked deep into his dark eyes, put a hand on his cheek and kissed him, deeply. It felt just how it should have. My stomach tossed, my heart jumped into my throat and my ice blue eyes sparkled with affection,  I pulled away, looked at him, and sobbed on his shoulder while he held me and stroked my messy damp hair.

"I'm...sorry." I managed to get out

"I'm not." he said as he pulled my chin up and kissed me again...

I woke with a jump and a curse as water fell down onto me and washed hope from my eyes. I thought to myself “ why does this happen to me?!” but decided not to sulk on the most horridly wonderful dream I’d had in a long time, and get home.

Home, where I was greeted by the most unpleasant thing in the world, my mother.

“ Where the hell have you been!? Have you been out all night!? Oh you are so grounded! I can’t believe you I thought I raised you better!”

“Yes mother.” was my only reply to her angry mask, that shielded her worry. My mother was very different from usual mothers, she didn’t show emotions like worry or sadness, she felt that made you vulnerable. That’s what I was raised on, so in some context I guess that’s how my mind works as well. I walked past my mother and upstairs to the shower so I could get the mud and smell off of me. I loved showering because the warmth of the water always made me feel safe, and its all you can hear so you can think without any distractions. Which I guess isn’t always a good thing. I thought myself into a Mark coma which hurt my heart so bad, if I didn’t have restraint I would have drown myself right then and there.

I would have rather drowned than to have faced what happened next. As I stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel and hair towel I heard a voice from the side.

“That’s a new look.” he said with a smirk. The blood rushed to my face because I recognized the voice all too well…

“I mean I know with the economy, fashion trends have gotten weird but this, this is a statement.” he laughed

“Mark, you’re a tool.” I said with a smug smile

“Ouch, harsh words from the little half naked one.”

“Just wait till I’m clothed.”

“I’ll be right here waiting.” I knew what he meant but the possibility of a double meaning made my stomach flip around wildly and my throat flutter just as if my heart was trying to jump out and explode. I ran downstairs careful how I moved in the tiny towel as too not reveal anything I didn’t have to. Since when did my heart flutter around Mark?! This definitely isn’t real. Maybe this is a dream too?

Has to be… this isn’t happening. This isn’t happening!

But it so was. His smile, his laugh, his personality. Everything about him made my stomach turn in the best way and fill with sick air, it felt as if I could puke butterflies. I was debating whether or not to go back upstairs or not, knowing he’d seen more of me then I ever intended at this point. I heard a soft sound from upstairs so I crept up and listened. I heard his voice for the first time, I mean I’ve heard him sing before, many times, but this was the first time I really listened. I could hear in his voice every word of the song plus all of the things running through his mind


That night I took a walk, it was late on a typical dark, May Tuesday night. It was one of those walks I took to clear my head, not sure where I was going or even why. I just knew I had to. I came to that tree again . It wasn’t wet now, but it will still always remind me of that night, and in theory, of myself. It was kind of tall, looked strong, but if you walked up to it and really took it in you’d realize it had many thick, deep wounds and it wasn’t as strong as it seemed. I leaned on the tree and slid down to sit on the ground as I let out an epic sigh. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, then my cell phone went off…

The caller ID read “David J ” my best guy friend,


“Hey Alex, I called your house, your mom said you were out on a walk, which is really never good.”

“I’m alright Dave, I swear.”

“Lies, you can’t lie to me and you know it.”

This was completely true, I was a great liar but Dave always knew

“Where are you?”

“ Trees.”

“Be there in five.”

“Yes David,”

“ Love you too Alex!” he said as we hung up

David lived just up the road so he was always close by when he sensed I needed him. He always knew, and I loved that about him.

Five minutes passed and David was at my side, we talked for over and hour

“So, spill, why are you here?”

“Just this guy…”



“Care to elaborate?”

“Well, I’ve known him for a while, and I think I might… have feelings for him.”

It was silent for a minute. Then David turned his head to look at me and I gazed into his dark mossy eyes, then he pulled me close and kissed me. My heart soared.


After I sprinted home, upstairs, then collapsed in shock on my bed. He thought I meant him…. Could I mean him? No I could never have feelings for David, it may just be illegal. I picked up my phone and called Amber.

“He what!?!?”

“Kissed me, Amber, he kissed me.”

“He’s my ex!”

“Way bigger problems Amber, he’s the closest guy I have in my life.”

“But I’m your best friend, and he’s my ex!”

“Okay, and he was my best friend years before he was even your boyfriend. But I got to go.”

“Kay, bye.”

Amber was one of my best friends, but sometimes her way of thinking was… complex. As I lay on my bed, confused and still recovering from shock, I pulled out my notebook. Thick with a black leather cover, the book had been with me for over two years and had my life scribbled throughout the many pages, and notes stuffed in the back from friends and past relationships. No one has ever read it, and with good reason. It had things written and hidden in it that no one should ever read. I slid it back under my pillow, and drifted to sleep, tomorrow was school.

I awoke the next morning, dreading getting out of bed. School would be long and awkward. I checked my phone.

“New text message : Laura <3”

I opened it and read “Amber called, you okay?” with a sigh I texted back, “I’m fine.” closed my phone and went to go shower.

After I got out of the shower and into my room, Barbie my cocker spaniel was there sitting on my bed, like she always was when she knows I’ve been thinking too much.

“I’m not thinking about him, not like that.”

She lay down on the bed and put her head on her front paws smugly. I sighed and finished getting ready.

School was… awkward in a normal sort of way the tension was there, the words just weren’t......

The End

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