The Rain

He shouldn’t have expected it to come.  He tried to hide his disappointment when it didn’t.  “If only I could feel it one more time.” Came the voice form the deep.  “It would be more than I could ever ask for.”

The young one reached down seeking the body that belonged to the voice.  He found a shriveling form with glistening eyes.  The deep one’s hand grasped the arm of the young and together they pushed past those that had lost all hope and desire.  As they jostled against the masses halfhearted cries of rebuke flung themselves at the disparate pair.  “What do you think you’re doing? Stay in your place.” “Go back to the deep.” “It will never come.” “You are fools.”  The words reached the armor of their optimism and did little to slow them down in their rush to the surface of the pit.

Together they thrust forth their arms pushing against the heavy air and flattened their palms expectantly.  A few non-believers scoffed as they spied their digits fighting against the pressure of the atmosphere from the corners of their eyes.  A few held their breath, slivers of hope accumulating in the waiting.

The End

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