"There's nothing to live for"

A a sentence that I had heard once before. It echoed softly in my disheartened ears as I reached down to pluck a few soft freshly grown grass that surrounded me.I listened to the flowing wind that blew across my face, gently, as if licking all my worries away.

There was no point in going home anyway,I thought, as I continued to lie there for another second, looking up at the clouds which made picture of happy faces, encouraging, reminding me to smile. But it was hard. I sighed again and made another attempt, but nothing seemed to come out right.

I knew for a fact I was unhappy- yes. That was the painful word that lived in my heart for these whole entire years. It ached, it hurt so much, because I couldn’t open up to anyone-besides there’s no one in the world you could trust...well, that’s what I believed now.  It’s afflictive when you could say such words; hear such things, in this lonely world that we all live in.

The End

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