Too much pride (Part 2/2)

I knew at some point, someone would come and tell me to go home- and I was right…only it wasn’t really a teacher this time.
“Oi! What you doing here?” The words stung my ears from his harsh voice. I sprang up and my eyes opened at half, cautiously, not wanting the sunlight to blind me. It was hard to see the figure standing right at the end of my soles, but putting my hand to my eyes, I could just make it out.
The caretaker stood up straight with his arms folded, looking down at me sternly, waiting for an answer…a reasonable answer. I lay back down, giving him no intention that I had even heard a whisper and continued to lie in the bunch of dried leaves that had fallen off the trees since I had been here. Wow- I must have had been there for a long time.
I didn’t expect him to do anything, but he kicked me hard on the soles of my feet and I cried a desperate shot of pain.
“Ow!” I sat back up and looked at him fiercely, giving him signs I was in no mood to do anything and expected him to walk off, but he stood there motionlessly, unnecessarily…
“If you’re not gonna get up, I’ll bring you to your feet.” He said in a slightly calmer voice, but still very harshly. I didn’t take him seriously, besides- who would listen to someone like him, and besides, there was no teacher who could control me…so why beat it?
I lay back down again and heard signs of movement. His shoes rubbed against the soft grass and I heard him leave. I went back to my comfortable position- one leg bent over the other which was lying straight and placed my arms underneath my head. However, before I’d even got there- something caught hold of them, I realised it was him- he was still there.
“Hey, hey! What are you doing?!” I shouted, as he pulled my arms, trying to get me up on my two feet, “That’s abuse old man!”
“I’m doing what I’d said I’d do- and I’ve done nothing to hurt you, so leave!” he scowled at me, and saying so, I left.

The End

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