The Siege of Lodestone

Felix stood in the swell of people moments later; the guards had no doubt seen the unconscious guard and come for the culprit. He had been saved by the bell, literally. As he had prepared himself to fight a bell was rung and all the druids stood and swarmed towards the exit. Felix was now being swept along like a rag doll in the sea of people. But then the people separated creating an aisle in which only he stood. He was about to melt into line when a senior man called for the “stranger” to be brought forwards to be awarded the title of executioner. Felix was hurried down the makeshift aisle by two rough looking men, when he was at the main stage he was forced to kneel in front of the lodestone which had sat unnoticed until now. Felix was afraid they would sacrifice him. But death was not to claim this newly spawned warrior of time, as he was lifted and his bicep was cut. Felix reacted to this abusement by yelping. Blood flooded out of the gash onto the lodestone and the druids looked around in surprise. Next a hot brand was placed firmly into his chest, he howled again this time with more vigor. He tried desperately to break away but was held firm. 

Now Felix was in agony then that’s when it happened. Romans wearing battered and muddy garments that passed for armor rushed into the druid camp and began to hack away at the assembled druids. It was a blur of red, lots of red. Cruadlaoich Creedon drew his scythe and hacked down three marauding Romans in seconds, I have to feel sorry for these guys with Cruadlaoich on their case I would rather be an outnumbered druid. Then Robert McCormack whirled into motion taking down two unfortunate Italians with one sweep. However despite their brave efforts most druids ran, some stayed to fight and die in their homeland but they were fighting a losing battle. Felix who had stood motionless was brought back to reality when a Roman leapt upon him; Felix knocked the sword out of his hands but landed hard on his back. The Roman straddled him and was about to launch a titanic blow when by pure chance he was knocked off Felix. Felix realized his chance but couldn’t get up he hurt too badly, the Roman had wheeled away but now had regained his weapon. He raised his sword.

SMASH!!! It met the fierce resistance of a steel blade, but it wasn’t that of a scythe it was of a gladius the Roman soldiers’ weapon of choice. The man who he saw holding the weapon looked familiar, but something was out of context, yes this man was black. Felix knew there were no black Italians at this time, in a confused state he rose to his feet and ran. At the same time Cruadlaoich dropped back calling a retreat to the rock on the right hand side of the sacrifial stone. As Felix reached them, the rock started to pulsate and Dante’s face pulled its-self out and then a body emerged. The assembled Druids were still unaware of the danger but then Cruadlaoich span and struck at Dante who had now become flesh. Dante leapt backwards and drew a gladius, Felix reached the group and wrenched his scythe from its leather scabbard. Dante was attacking with vigor and Cruadlaoich was being pushed back when a dirt clad druid, Daegan leapt forwards and hit Dante across the head. Dante pitched forwards and rolled down through the woodland, Cruadlaoich now relieved of the fight ordered the druids to form a ring and then he yelled “One by one get inside the rock where we will withstand any attack and even the test of time”. Felix was now officially confused, but when the rock behind them began to squirm and morph he understood. It had created a door into this mystical rock; from there they presumably would be in a cryogenic state until some-one else opened the door. Felix gazed in awe and terror at the lodestone that now was salvation, What should I do? Maybe I can run away from the battle and avoid it all together! Wait the druids execute all traitors so what can I do? As Felix wondered what to do, Cruadlaoich yelled, “Felix it’s your turn now!” Felix felt nauseated; but the soft tone of Cruadlaoich’s voice let him think more clearly, he needed to avoid this then it hit him. About twenty yards away a druid lay wounded, Felix yelled back at Craudlaoich “I’ll get that druid back in as well!” His voice sounded husky and manlier. This was another change that had happened in his time as a druid; he sprinted with his lengthy, well-muscled legs and made lots of ground. His olive skin glistened with sweat; his brown hair was streaked with grease bounced as he flew over the churned-up ground. As Felix ran he noticed the blood and gore that littered the ground, it horrified him to know these were the people who took him in and saved him from the path of Dante’s destruction. He felt dizzy and sick, what evil could have triggered this horrific fall of a cultured civilization. He slipped and fell, he may have screamed. He was helpless; he had tears running down his cheeks that were infused with the dirt and grime that was smeared across his face. He stumbled drunkenly to his feet, and then he slipped and barreled forwards.

The End

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