The Final Challenge


 The next morning Felix was awoken with a brutal kick in the stomach, he heard a gruff voice that was unfamiliar "You, get up you are to have one more training session before your final challenge." Felix reluctantly got up and put on some rags that served as his clothing for his training, then he took up his wooden sickle spun it to test the weight, he was ready. As he stepped out of the small round house an overwhelming sense of nausea and pressure If I don't do this right, this whole crazy gruelling fight camp would have been pointless He stood awed by the immense dusty training ground in this clearing, people sparring here and there all with great strength and agility. He stepped forward into the ring and was promptly attacked by a new opponent he had not trained with; he jumped back in surprise as he saw the weapon sailing down towards him and rolled backwards onto his feet. His instincts took over and he was trapped, a passenger in his own body. His assailant swung for the side of his head, Felix cocked his head as the wooden weapon sliced air. Then Felix stabbed towards the exposed stomach, the man leapt backwards but Felix thought he would do so and used his curved blade to hook the man's and circled his arm and the enemies weapon dropped to the dusty floor. Felix approach the man cautiously and then tentatively faked a swipe to the left the man didn't flinch; Felix went for a fake to the right then jabbed at the man. The man completed a backwards somersault landing in a crouching cat position, poised to strike. Felix ran up hoping to rush his opponent into making a wrong decision, but the man rolled to the side of Felix, and as he rolled past itretrieve his weapon. He stood to face Felix, entered his fighting stance, and smiled. Felix decided that this wasn't going to be easy and he would have to push himself to his own limits. However the fact he was not in control meant he had two tasks: One gain control of himself; Two push himself to the limit and hope he won. The man who was covered in dirt and beyond recognition stepped forwards and started circling, so Felix followed. Both men circled and feinted and tested their opponent's strengths and weaknesses, their fighting styles were similar however the man used his strength in his blows more whereas Felix restrained himself so he wouldn't over swing from strength.   

Felix attacked with a sharp uppercut surprising his opponent who reeled backwards with a stinging arm and a red welt that stung. His opponent threw his sword from his left into his right and handled it with more grace than he had originally. He pirouetted and feinted an attack on Felix's left side, then kicked Felix in the stomach. As Felix doubled up he went to strike his head, Felix dropped to his knees and rolled away and when on his feet smacked his assailant across his mouth with the hilt of the wooden scythe.  The fight kept going; Felix was getting weary now and struggled to fend off the blows that this demon rained down on him. Felix jumped up into the air and performed a back flip while kicking the man in the face and so he flew backwards. When Felix landed he hit the demonic foe in the face by throwing his scythe. 

The hilt hit the man straight on the nose. The man roared in pain clutching his nose, scarlet blood erupted from his nose spraying him with the liquid soon drying crimson red, crusting on his dirt covered tunic. The man lifted his scythe and threw his sword it spun in the air; Felix was un-able to block the malicious attack so he ducked. However the scythe dropped and he was hit on the head with a sickening crack, he stumbled backwards and as he nearly fell he heard a mellifluous voice "You can do it, for me?" As this song like question reached his ears an image flashed across his mind, a beautiful woman who he recognised. She was perfect no flaws, she smiled and then faded. Felix promised to himself he would do anything for the tunic clad maiden, or siren. The doubts were quelled by the longing for her his resolve strengthen and he stood blood seeping from the hit, teeth gritted he staggered one step at a time towards his foe, he was invincible. Then the grimy man delivered a right hook that threw Felix off his feet, and then he climbed to his feet again only to be hit in the stomach by the fist. He didn't falter though, then a fist hurtled towards his face he caught it. He twisted the man's arm then launched his fist into the man's face, again and again. Until the woman's face appeared and she said "It's over, my love, I look forwards to when we are together again" Felix cried out in anguish as she disappeared. When he opened his eyes again he was crying, for the beautiful goddess that had enchanted him.    

After Felix had finished crying and had risen, the other man was on his feet and was wiping away the crusty mud and blood compound with a wet towel thrown in by Robert. When the dirt he saw a man with blunt, brusque features; his nose was flat most probably broken several times, his square forehead stuck out like a Neanderthals and he had cracked swollen lips that concealed a mouth with many toothless gums. He vaguely remembered seeing this man around camp, that's right he slept in the hut next door. An astonished Robert scurried on the training field "Oh my Gods, I thought when you hit the floor you were finished! You made the best recovery I've seen." Robert was so animated that Felix decided to play along and wearily answered all of Robert's questions before heading to the medical hut.    


 Once there his wounds were dressed and coated in a salve that was made of sap-smelling herbs. He decided to head to the lake to wash before he went to the Feasting Hall. When he arrived Felix quickly stripped to his waist, revealing his newly made six pack; and dived into the crystal clear water. After the ripples had subsided, Felix looked into the lake mirror that reflected the trees when he saw a dark shape move between the trees. Then he saw the glint of armour in the trees The druids don't wear armour, so who was that? Felix swam away from the strange soldier who had retreated back into the trees, when he reached the shore he dried himself with his tunic and began sprinting towards the Feasting Hall. Once there he threw open the doors and charged towards the seated elders who occupied the far end of the hall.

 Felix threw himself at their feet, when the Grand elder gestured Felix rose to his feet and boldly announced "The feast must not take place, I have seen a warrior in armour lurking in your forests and when there is one soldier there are always more following behind." The elders shared worried looks and whispered nervously, Felix stood there before them feeling powerless. Then the Grand elder spoke in a raspy croak "They will not attack tonight, for all our warriors are here. They wouldn't stand a chance." After he said that his eyes flickered into the icy blue Felix knew only too well...

        Dante was the Grand elder.  How? When? He is dooming these people, for what a title? Despicable! Felix glared maliciously at Dante then nodded respectfully at the other four elders and backed out facing them. Once outside he screamed in rage and kicked a wooden box. It broke under his immense strength and a shower of scythe's poured down at Felix's feet and then he had an idea. He stood calm and composed a slight smile crept onto his face. He had several tasks to do if this was to be successful; he sprinted off to Robert's hut. It was now a race against time...   

        Felix returned later to pick up the scythes with a grim slit of a mouth, his plan had worked sort-of. He had convinced some of the druids to bring weapons to the banquet, lest they were taken by surprise.  However many didn't believe Felix or thought the Grand elder would punish them, it wasn't enough but it would have to do. He bent down to pick up two scythes, one went on his back one on is hip and then he stood. He knew what he had to do. He went to the armoury and armed himself to the tooth, and then he strode confidently towards the Feasting Hall. Once there he was met by an unfamiliar guard asking that he disarmed himself, immediately he had the dreading feeling that this was Dante; he can shape shift. Then he saw the glint of anxiety in the man's eyes, he was a poor frightened civilian, Hah a month ago you would have said the same thing about yourself now wasn't the time for this. With a silent sorry to the man he hit him in the face with a balled fist, the man dropped down unconscious. Felix clutched his fist, how come heroes in the movies never hurt their knuckles.  

By the time Felix had strode into the hall he was a wreck of nervous shambles; he couldn’t stop now he had to do this, or did he. He was just a normal guy, and he had his own worries like his girlfriend.  But he knew he couldn’t go home yet, he didn’t know how to, so he had to be ready. As he took his seat at the table seven guards took to the stage along with a wizened man who was the Grand elder, Dante. Felix forced down the urge to jump on stage and stab the dastardly villain that had got him caught up in this. Felix took his place at the long oak table, he sat next to Robert who consequently whispered in a harsh tone “What are you doing keeping those weapons in plain sight, and how did you get past the guard, oh gods you killed him didn’t you?” Felix hissed back “No, I knocked him out don’t worry I didn’t kill him.” Robert shot him a disapproving look, Felix recoiled offended. He was just about to reply when two guards marched in…

The End

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