20 Minutes Earlier

20 minutes earlier

Felix rushed through London; he was in so much of a rush he forgot to collect his newspaper. Now this was a first, Felix was the sort of man who followed a daily routine this was his: Wake-up, stop alarm, have 5 minute shower, brush teeth, get dressed, dry hair then grab briefcase and breakfast and jump on to bus. When he got to central London he usually collected his newspaper, the Daily Mail, and then strolled into work. However today was definitely not a usual day. Today he had woken up late, missed his shower, speed brushed his teeth grabbed breakfast only to miss the bus and have to sprint across the seven fields that connected him to St. James’s park. Now that he was there he sprinted to his work, but that leads us back to where Felix is now. He is sprinting because today is the day he is discussing his promotion with his boss. As he sprinted across the road a car's horn joined the abyss of sound telling him to get out of the way. Felix was nearly there when he saw a woman being mugged by a brutish man; Felix was torn between saving the woman and getting his hard earned promotion. His better side won over and Felix chased the man down a quiet side-street. The man was surprisingly slow for a man with great lengthy legs. Felix had just caught up when the man turned around and Felix now appreciated the man’s great height and thickness, Felix was starting to wonder if this was such a good idea when the man let out a low grumble which Felix after a few seconds deciphered as “You fool, you don’t know what you are getting into.”  Felix was now extremely scared and feeling anxious, what had he got himself into? The man was now squaring up ready for a fight, Felix now having no choice followed suit.  Felix was definitely the more agile of the two but he had no combat training, he suspected the gargantuan man did by the way he held himself. Felix decided to try and tire the man out and then take him out with a concentrated punch, the man interrupted his thoughts by sending the first projectile punch which just skimmed Felix’s ear by a hairs breadth. Felix was starting to doubt his own ability to dodge the oncoming onslaught of fists. Felix was starting to fatigue when he heard the deafening roar of a police siren. Felix was momentarily distracted by his police saviours, and in this moment the fist crashed full pelt into Felix’s face. The pain was immense, but only for a second, then Felix blacked-out.  

When Felix awoke the first two things that he felt were pain and nausea, then as his blurred vision became clear, he slurred ‘‘Where am I?”. The reply came from a young thin man who looked athletic but in his eyes Felix saw grief and tragedy beyond imagination, from all times ‘‘You Felix Johnson, are on Whitehall street and have just aided the capture of a known criminal.” Felix was stunned he had done it!!!! Joy over took him and on impulse he punched the air comically. The man smiled then his watch started flashing and beeping, the man let out a vile curse barely audible over the beeping of his watch and the scream of London. The man leapt to his feet and sprinted off, before Felix knew what he was doing he had also bounded up and was hurtling through London following a man who knew all about him but he knew nothing about. The childish curiosity to know everything kept him going. This brought Felix to the beginning of his story.  London, 2010-12-20, 01:02.

               Felix was racing after the man when the man leapt into the road and started vaulting cars, strangely Felix had an urge to copy the man although he was chubby and wasn’t able to vault any cars but he settled with weaving in and out of them. The drivers were startled to see two men running in the road and one of them vault cars, many of them beeped their horns others just stared.  Felix was already starting to sweat and the cars weren’t easy to dodge, he was starting to think he should give up when the man jumped used a lamppost to change direction and shot out on to a street which Felix knew led to a dead end. He picked the pace up and sped out of the road into the secluded back street to see the man fiddling with the watch; if he sensed Felix was there he didn’t show it. Felix took two steps; the man glanced up and said, “Stay away Felix Johnson. You will ruin the bigger picture. Don’t get into something that you won’t return from---” the man’s watch intercepted his speech and issued in a firm but calm voice, “Time warp stable, please initiate time travel.”  The man smiled “So long Felix Johnson”, Felix sprinted and tackled the man, just as the man’s slim fingers pushed the watch. Felix closed his eyes expecting to crash into the solid brick wall, however when his eyes opened he was flying…

               Felix was amazed to see the stars whizzing past him, as he turned in wonder, to look the other way he caught a glimpse of the man and was brought back to there and then. The man had launched a fist at Felix, intending to knock him off and send him into the never ending vortex that was their portal to who knows. The fist thundered towards Felix, he anticipated the pain and cringed, fortunately thanks to this the fist didn’t hit him. Felix thought it would’ve kept coming, he looked around to see the fist suspended in the air the man was sweating profusely and then something changed, the man lowered his fist and smiled and he yelled “Hold on, mate” before the sound was whipped away in the wind. Felix was content with not being punched headlong into the void in which they were travelling through. So he blacked out…

When he awoke Felix felt as if he had been hit with eighteen sledgehammers repeatedly. Felix slurred un-intelligibly something that sounded like “Wherreee aaaammm IIIIII?” A happy beaming man stood over him and remarked joyously “Isn’t Anglesey beautiful? It is, it really is.” Felix’s brain took a second to process this new information then got up suddenly weary and ready for action. Felix now was pumping with adrenaline, the man said calmly “Don’t worry I am not the man I was minutes ago. My name is Dante, I have a multi-personality disorder. I don’t have much time until I change again. Please hear me out.” Felix realised he was in no state to fight and Dante’s calming voice was so trustworthy. He succumbed to the calm feeling dropped his fists and gestured to Dante to continue. Dante sighed now he looked more relaxed, “Look, I’m a person who was chosen by the Lord of the hidden dimensions. We are people who through our courage or evil are deemed worthy to enter the ultimate game of power and fortune. I, I mean the other side of me, was chosen because he had so much evil it couldn’t be contained. Eventually when they are ready these contestants receive a vortex manipulator or gain the powers naturally.” Felix would’ve protested, usually, but this whole experience had drained him and so he nodded mutely. Dante handed Felix some rough clothes and set up a camp. Dante then changed into the clothes once changed he told Felix solemnly “What ever you do, do not bring anything from another time here.” With that snippet of advice he turned and ran into the forest. Minutes later a terrible scream was issued from the daunting gnarled forest thick with pine trees.

The End

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