The Radley Family

umm a short story, relates to Rahl dauls life, see if you can spot the bits that are related to him, you may have to research :) xx

“Come on kids or we will miss the ferry!” shouted mum. “I’m ready mum!” shouted Russell, “me too” shouted Richard. Mum, dad and all six children grabbed their suitcases, hobbled to the door and piled into their car. “Right, have we got everything?” asked dad. “Yes dad, we are all ready!! Let’s go!!” answered Ruby. Mum put her foot down on the peddle and off they sped. “Wait no! I forgot teddy!” cried Rosie with tears welling in her eyes. “I’m sorry honey but if I turn around now we will miss the ferry” said mum.


The Radley family lived in Norway and this year they were going on holiday to a small Norwegian island not far from where they lived. It did not take long to get to the dockyard where they got on a small ferry to the island. On the island on top of a small hill was a small bungalow where the family would be staying for a whole year! The Radley family moved house every year and whenever they did Mr and Mrs Radley would tell their children that they were going on holiday this was one of those times. When the Radley family arrived at the island they had to walk along the beach to get to the bungalow, when they got there mum picked up the welcome mat in front of the door, picked up the key underneath it and opened the door. “Well this place looks decent doesn’t it kids?” said dad walking in to the small room, the children piled in after him and found themselves in a room, that was very small, with two sofas, a coffee table and an old fire place. A door off to the left of the room lead to a tiny kitchen, a door off the right of the room lead to a tiny bathroom and there was a tiny hatch in the ceiling, that lead to a bedroom that was just big enough for the 6 beds that were in there!! Basically the whole thing was rather tiny.


“It’s far off decent” said Rebecca sadly, “where’s the telle?” asked Riley, Mr Radley shook his head “sorry son, no T.V., but seeing as we are not far from the beach you won’t really need it” answered dad. “Spose” mumbled Riley. The next day whilst Mr and Mrs Radley where unpacking, all 6 children went down to the beach, Rosie, Rebecca and Ruby played in the sand, whilst Riley, Russell and Richard played in the sea, after a while they got hungry so they started to walk back to the bungalow for lunch, but when they got there they found their house surrounded by police officers. Mr and Mrs Radley were in handcuffs in the back of a police car. A lady dressed in a brown suit spotted the children and walked over to them and said “I am so sorry my darlings you must be so confused, but I will explain everything when we get back to the mainland” said the lady. The children were flown back to the mainland in a police helicopter, where they were taken to the police station, and the lady explained to them what was going on.


It turns out that the Radley family were not a family after all, and they were not moving house, they were actually running away. All 6 children were abducted from their homes when they where little by Mr and Mrs Radley, who could not have kids themselves so they took other peoples. The first abducted was Richard, then Ruby, then Rebecca, Russell was next and then Rosie and Riley were the most recent ones, the 6 children are not brothers and sisters and the police are not even sure what their birth names are yet, but right now they are living with their real mums and dads and still talk to each other and they are all best friends, as for Mr and Mrs Radley they are in jail, and are going to be there for a long time.





The End

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