A Girl Named Elle


She was so happy. And she had it all: style, strength, humor, talent, friends, family… everything. But she didn’t see that. Her name was Elle.

She had platinum blond hair, and striking bluish-green eyes. But what you saw on the outside was not what was on the inside.

Towards the end, she struggled and strived for perfection beneath the layers of radiant skin and false smiles. Her only problems were internal. But I loved her just the same.

Elle was my sister. But, she died three years ago. I’m here to tell you her story.

It was in  of 2007 that I first noticed that anything was wrong. It was dinner time, and she refused to eat supper. I remember that mom had made her favorite: lasagna and garlic toast. I knew that there had to be something behind the rejection of food because she hadn’t eaten anything at all that day.

And, this was the beginning.

Elle was only fourteen when Anorexia claimed and took over her body. It was tragic, and never should have happened, but it did.

Elle continued to starve herself, depriving her body of the nutrients and calories that it needed to create energy and... well, survive.

Most of year had passed, and each day she grew thinner and sicker. I remember one day... Mom and dad had been at work, and my friend canceled on our scheduled trip to the mall. So, I got home earlier than what had been planned and found Elle passed out on the floor of the kitchen, the smell of vomit fresh on her body. It almost made me sick too, but I kept telling myself that I had to be strong for her, to get help for her. And that's just what I did.

I called 911, and an ambulance arrived in front of our home just a few short minutes afterward. After entering the waiting room of the hospital, I called my parents. They were shocked and upset and left work immediately to come to the hospital.

It was depressing to hear that if I hadn't come home when I did and called, she would have died that day. But I did come home and call when I did, and for that, we got just an extra week to spend with her. But, to see her, we had to be at the hospital.

All of that last week, I skipped out on school just to stay with Elle. My parents weren't absolutely thrilled with the behavior, but they weren't doing anything to stop me. They understood.

The End

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