Phone calls

I didn't know how much Reuben knew about me, or the pack. He definately knew we were different. Why else would he have come all the way here?

Mum and dad still weren't home. I made more hot chocolate and somme lunnch for Reuben. He was less serious now, although not as jokey as when he first woke up. I had a feeling that was probably just and act, like he was trying to pretend he didn't have this huge responsibility. Now he'd told me about it, he seemed more relaxed. He trusted me, and that scared me.

"Okay, you eat that, and I'll  be back when your done," I said, "I've got to sort some stuff first."

I hurried to my room, pulling my phone out of my pocket. I opened the window, leaned out and checked the temperature. It was -2, warmer than yesterday. I got changed quickly. I found myself taking extra care to look nice, although I'd only just met this boy, and I had a boyfriend already. I sat on my bed, staring at the phone, trying to decide who to call first. I got the feeling my phone would be ringing all day.

The End

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