I woke up a few hours later. At first i was confused. Confused as to why I'd fallen asleep, when Id already slept that week. And confused to find myself on the sofa in my living room. Then I remembered the boy i saved. I sat up and twisted around to see if he'd woken up yet. The sofa was empty, exept for a pile of scrunched up blankets. I stood up and stumbled across the room. I rounded the corner into the kitchen and collided with someone. I would have fallen backwards if a hand hadn't caught me.

"Whoa, sorry," came a boys voice. I looked up. The boy from last night was in front of me, one of the blankets wrapped loosley around him. It  had slipped off when he cought me, and I could see part of his white chest.

"Oh, your still here," i said, clearing my throat.

"Didn't think I'd leave without thanking you did you?" he said with a laugh. There was an awkward pause. He let go of my arm, and pulled the blanket back over his shoulder and chest.

"Do you want anything to eat? Drink?" i asked, sliding past him into the kitchen.

"No I'm okay," he said.

I turned around and raised my eyebrows at him.

"Ill make you breakfast," i said, turning around.

"Thanks," he said sheepishly. I heard him walk away and sit back down on the sofa

I turned the grill on, pulled out some bacon and sausages, and put them on a tray under the grill to cook. I buttered some bread, poured out a glass of milk, and heated some milk for hot chocolate.

"I'm Ava, by the way," I called though to the living room.

"Reuben," he replied. "Nice to meet you."

The sausages started sizzling, so i went to turn them over.

"You know I'm vegetarian right?" Reuben said from the sofa. I froze, instantly annoyed.

"Just kidding," came his voice again.

I smiled with relief and carried on. I grabbed a plate from the cupboard, and started piling the ready sausages and bacon. I put the bread on the side, and poured the hot chocolate into a mug. I grabbed the plate, the mug, and the glass of milk, and carried them through. Using a foot, i pulled out a little table, and dropped it infront of him. I set the breakfast down on the table, and then flopped down onto the other sofa.

"Your like a breakfast ninja," he commented through a mouthful of food.

"Something like that," i murmered.

I checked my watch. It was 11.38.  Mum and dad had already left.

"So Reuben," i started cautiously, "Are you from round here?"

"No, no I'm not," he said. All the jokiness had dissappeared from his voice. "I'm from England. About 20 miles north of London."

The End

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