Theyre destroying everything ....

He was muttering again, but more franic, as though he'd forgotten we were there. It took 10 minutes to calm him down again. I wanted to talk to him, ask him where he was from, why he was outside in the snow, but with a little shudder and a sigh, he fell asleep again.

Me, mum and dad shuffled back to the kitchen.

"You can go back to bed if you want" I said, "You have to work later."

"No, we can't leave you to look after him alone!" said dad.

"I'll be fine, really," i said, "He'll probably just sleep the whole time anyway. I'll wake you up if there's any problems."

They looked a little apprehensive.

"Go," I said, ushering them out of the kitchen and into the hall.

Eventually they left and I pattered back to the kitchen. I found a little pllastic tub and filled it with warm water. On my way to the living room a found a little cloth and took it with me. I perched on the edge of the sofa and started cleaning his face. Some of the dirt came off easily, but some had clearly been there for weeks. When his face was clean and i could see his features properly. He was pale white, with faintly pink cheeks. He had big, deep brown eyes and long eyelashes. The cuts were cleaner now, but they looked painful.  I noticed one in particular on his arm. It was longer than ,y hand, and deep. I cleaned it with clean water, and bandaged it up. Eventually, i fell asleep just as the sun was rising.

The End

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