How on earth?

"How on earth did you find him?" asked mum an hour later.

"I went to get a glass of water," i lied, "and saw him from the window. He wasn't far from the house, so i just went. I couln't leave him." I finished, hoping it was believable.

"You could have woken us up first," she said.

"There woudn't have been time, Sandra," dad said, "He would have died if it weren't for Ava." He sounded proud. I smiled.

We were in the kitchen, eating toast, and waiting for the mysterious boy to wake up. Suddenly, from the living room i heard a moan. I ran through to him, kneeling in front of the sofa. I murmured omething again. I didn't hear what he said, and when i didn't reply, he spoke with more force, urgency.

"London," he said, his voice cracking.

"Umm, were not in London, no," I said unsurely.

"No," he muttered, with a little noise i recognised as a laugh.

He suddenly seemed to panic, and sat up, trying to escape his fort of blankets.

The End

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