shocked ..

I got in late that night, or early in the morning, depending on how you see it.

It was snowing again. By the time i got home, a few centimetres had been added to the already foot deep snow. The temperture dropped quickly once i was out of the sheltered woods. Everything glittlered. It was pretty, but somehow menacing. Like it was trying to entice people into its icy claws. I jumped lightly onto the roof. My house was a converted bungalow, so my room's in what used to be the attic. I pushed open the window slowly, silently. I was about to crawl in when something caught my eye. I looked towards the snowy fields, where i saw the movement. I glanced into my room. It was 5am. I checked the thermometer just next to my window. It read -15 degrees.  I glanced back at the field Sure enough, there was a figure staggering through the snow. They were making slow progress. The snow was deep, and the falling snow made visibility low. The figure confused me. Who would be out in this temperaature, so early in the morning, walking through a snowy field. Suddenly whoever it was fell into the snow. They didnt get up again.

in a split second i was moving. I jumped off the roof, shifting to wolf form mid jump. I crossed the garden in three bound, jumped the fence, and hurtled towards the fallen figure. I was shocked to find a boy, little older than me, lying face down in the snow. Even through my thick fur, i felt the cold snow bite at my paws and face. I grabbed his worn shirt in my teeth, and managed to pull him onto my back. I turned and ran back to the house, half carrying, half dragging the boy with me. At one point i heard him mumble, but then fell limp and silent again. The journey was longer on the way back. My gait was awkward. The lifeless body kept sliding and slipping off my back. Mostly he was half on half off. I had to run awkwardly, almost sideways, to avoid tripping or hurting him. At lst i reached the front door. I found the key uner the mat, an turned human to unlock the door. As a wolf i dragged him through the door and along the hall to the living room. I ran through the house as a human, incase my parents woke up. I grabbed blankets and duvets, and dragged little eletric heaters to the sofa where he lay. I made seeral hot water bottles and lit the wood fire. I hesitated, and then pulled off hs soaked, frozen shirt, and his crisp, icy jeans. They were both dirty and torn. I wrapped him up in the clean blankets, tucking the water bottles about him.

In the rush, I'd hardly had time to look at him properly, even heck he was alive. His face was pale white, he had dark circles around his eyes and frost on his lips. He looked dead. I ckecked his pulse, and there, just under the cold skin, his veins were still pumping blood. It was slow and weak, but defintely there. He was a mess. His face was scarred, and fresh wounds, frozen solid. His hair was long and messy, covered in dirt. I knew i had to go and wake mum and dad up. 

The End

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