What if they come back?

I slipped out of the window, into the ice cold night air. A quick glance at the clock told me it was 3am. I jumped lightly off the roof, onto the the crsipy grass below. People like me, shapeshifters, don't need much sleep. A few hours a week is enough. I shifted into wolf form and jumped over the little fence at the back of the gardeen. I didn't know where i was heading yet, i just enjoyed being outside. At night it was so quiet and peaceful. It wasn't scary like it used to be. Nothing could hurt me anyway. I ran through the desolate streets until i reached the edge of town. I hardly ever used to see the countryside; my friends all lived in town so there was no need to. Now I prefered the countryside, with its long stretches of open land and no one to get suspicious. I could go wherever I liked. As long as I get back before mum and dad woke up, it was okay.

The city faded behind me. The smell of pollution weakened, until suddenly I picked up Emily's scent. I followed it far away from the city, until I reached the forest. I could smell Alex and Kyle too. I plunged into the trees towards the little clearing we always met in. There was no path, but i easily made my way through the dense undergrowth. Within minutes I emerged into the clearing. Three wolves were already there, lounging around. The big brown one leapt up and jumped on me, playfighting. We tumbled around, for a few minutes and then settled down, to wait for others who may turn up.

The End

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