I hate Mondays

(1 month later, december)


I hate mondays. It official. It was still dark outside when i left the house for school. The grass crunched under my feet, frozen solid during the night. An eerie mist covered the street, so i could only see the houses next to and opposite mine.

By the time i got to school the darkness was fading to a light grey, and the mist was clearing, so i could almost see the top of the 5 story school. By the time break came around, the sun was fully up, although hidden behind thick grey clouds. But by lunch, the cloud was clearing and the sun was shining feeble rays down on the school. Although not particularly hot, it at least warmed the air a little. I ate my panini in silence and drank my pepsi.

"Whats up?" asked Ashley, sitting down on the stone bench next to me.

"Just thinking," i replied. For a moment i was silent again, and then continued. "Some guy in my math class asked about our group today. He wanted to know how we are so close, and why no one else ever joins us."

"What did you say?" she asked.

"Just that we had been good friends for ages." i said, "Do you think its wrong to be as unsociable as we are? Do you think we should try and mingle with the rest?"

She thought for a moment.

"Maybe," she replied, "But its dangerous, for us and them. If they find out about us, it won't be good. And if we ever lost control..."She trailed off.

"Do you ever wish we were like them?" i asked quietly, so the others wouldn't hear.

"Yeah," she replied, "But we're not, so we have to just get on with it"

"Yeah," i said.

We weren't always different. It all happened about a month ago. Me and some friends were doing our Duke of Edinburgh expedition, on a rough hillside. We were all freaked out because we were convinced we'd seen things as we walked. I thought it looked like the wolves I'd seen a week or so before. Just as we were about to set up camp, it started raining really heavy. Soon after that the thunder started, and then the lightning. The storm was right above us, and all around us. Suddenly a lightning bolt struck a metre or so from us, and everyone scattered screaming. I ended up behind a rock with a few of my friends, and some guys i didnt know. There was so much noise, thunder, rain, screaming, and suddenly out of no where, howling. Like wolf howling. They were closeby, I could hear the whining and snarling, and the occasional howl. I had no idea where they were. All of a sudden in a blinding flash of light and heat, i saw four pairs of wold eyes through the rain, and then everything went silent, as i slipped out of consciousness.

The End

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