The Quiet Things

I gazed out the window, watching the swirling snow from the warmth of the car. I dreaded getting out. After a month in the Australian summer, i was now returning to Scottish winter. The hills around us were white with snow, and completley empty. At least, thats what i thought. Suddenly, amongst the patterns and shapes the falling snow made, I saw something more solid. I shiften in my seat and peered through the blizzard. I could hardly make out a thing, but sure enough, it looked like a dog. At a closer look i saw three.

"Mum," i said, "Look out there, on the hillside, near that little cluster of rocks. Can you see them?"

"See what?" she asked after a second.

"There's dogs," i said, "Running up the hill."

"Well I can't see anything. Maybe its just a sheep or something."

"Hmmm." was all i replied.

I watched the animals run up the hill. They were beautiful, like something from a film. And they were fast, really fast. Already they were almost at the top. I wondered what they were doing out here, so far away from any city or town. They paused at the top of the hill. They were even harder to see now; they were further away, and there was low cloud. With a bound and a flurry of snow they dissapeard down the side of the hill.

"Mum," i said suddenly, "There aren't, well, wolves in Scotland are there?"

"I don't think so," she said, uncertainly, "But you never know."

I turned my ipod on, and listened to the first album i came to. Slowly, I drifted into a light sleep.

The End

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