The Questions I ask God.Mature


Sitting on the ledge, I like to feel the soft breeze on my face.

I enjoy the sound of the sweet koyals twittering in the tree tops dangling bellow my feet. I always wondered, sitting on the ledge, why God didn't give us wings, to fly away like the birds. I didn't want to be condemned to the filth of humanity. Is it Karma? Am I condemned for my past sins, ones forgotten with the wind? I wonder, I wish, as I slowly raise myself on the ledge.

Standing on the ledge, I look down at the ants bellow.

They seem to be looking forever at the floor, like a little boy made to be ashamed for a crime he wanted to commit, their eyes looking at temptation and salvation as one in the same. Perhaps humanity is simply the embodiment of the seven deadly sins, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, etc, all the final outcome and additions of all the experience we gain in life. Perhaps we were alive to feel hope slip from our grasp, to die painfully and unfulfilled to live in agony. I wonder, I think, I contemplate, as I lean off the ledge.

Falling of the ledge, I have questions for God.

My first would be related to humanities existence. Were humans truly his desired creation, or are we of satin? The constant murder and war, anger, sin, rape, death, destruction, could a God who is benevolent have created it all? Or perhaps God and Satin are one in the same, an entity of both creation and destruction, who gives us life simply to steal it away again. I wonder…

Looking at them screaming, I ask my second question.  A short, simple question, to do with only me... am I damned to be controlled by one I do not know, or can I control our own decisions, my own life. Has it all been planned; my life, my love, my sins, my pain, even my death...or is it all just a game to someone, like pawns in a game of chess ...or a scripted play we blindly follow…I wish…

Reaching for the ground, I ask my third question...My third question...why...simply why...if God existed, why did he let me fall, and not give me wings to fly away, with the koyals, ever free… I blink, and there he is before me... I look at him and smile. He is not God, he will never give me answers, he speaks in murmurs, in angelic tones…he whisper’s in my ear…
“The answers are for you to decide…” As he catches me in his arms.


The End

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