The Questioning

I don't know yet where this story is headed.......I'll get back to you on this whole summary thing......


I startled and tumbled out of bed.

What the hell? 

I looked at my alarm clock, still going off. 9:30am

But...It's Saturday. Why is it going off so early....?

I shook my head. Stupid alarm. 

I got up off the floor and turned my alarm off. Putting my medium length, mouse brown hair into a ponytail, I dragged myself out of my room and into my on-suite bathroom.

It's Saturday. Yes! I can take a bath, relax, light a couple candles or something.

I started the water and went downstairs to get some orange juice or something.

Ooh! I should ask dad if he can go get me a doughnut at Tim Hortons or something.

I went down into the living room. "Hey Dad? Mom?" No answer.

Huh. Maybe they already went to go get coffee. Darn. There goes my doughnut.

I went into the kitchen to get my orange juice. As I opened the fridge, a blinking light caught my eye. The answering machine.

Guess Mom and Dad forgot to check it before they left.

I set the orange juice down on the table and went over to the phone. I picked it up and put in the combination to check our messages. 

"Hey Jordyn, It's Briar. Remember me? Your bff?? The one you're supposed to go shopping with today? Yeah. Make sure you're ready to go by 10:00am sharp. American Eagle and Aeropostale have a 50% sale today and I don't want to be there durning rush hour, ok? So make sure you're ready to get your but out the door, and into my car by 10:01. Alright? Alright. Bye."

CRAP. Shopping. I had totally forgotten! I slept through my alarm. Oh CRAP! Briar is going to kill me. Oh jeez. Crap. Ugh! 

I dialed Briar's cell right away. 

"Jordyn! Ready to hit the racks?" Great. Excited Briar. 

"Umm...hey...yeah I was calling about that...umm..I-"

She cut me off, and I could almost hear her eyes narrowing as she spoke. 

"You overslept. How did I know..This sucks!" She fumed on the other end of the line. I went over to my laptop. There was a note on the screen. "Um, I know, uh, sec.." 

I read the note, my heart beating faster with each word.

The End

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