The Questionable Fairytale

She wants it! And she wants it now! She wanted her fairytale and she hasn’t found it yet. The thing is fairytales are not easy to come across with. She always wondered how you actually get a fairytale. Her fairytale turned out to be a guy, well; he shouldn’t necessarily be considered a guy, more like a beast. So anyway, her fairytale was a beast. He wasn’t pleasant and he wasn’t friendly. But he was despicable. Her fairytale was that someone who enjoyed watching her pain, or better yet, he enjoyed causing her pain. Her fairytale turned out to be torturous and horrid and the complete opposite of fairy or tale or love. So her question is what is love? Or what is her fairytale? Because her love and her fairytale turned out to be fake and hurtful, when is the real one coming? Or was that pain the real one and the real truth behind love? Don’t people always say that love is something that’s true? She actually believed those people and they lied. Did they know they were lying or did they believe it too? Then again, not everyone has that hurtful fairytale. So her question was: is the real fairytale on the way or has it already happened?


The End

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