The Mystery Of The Voiceover

Thade paused the video and looked at the frozen image of an empty and slightly destroyed section of forest on the large screen television he had bought at a bargain store in Roban. He thought to himself, “The effects weren’t all that bad; the whole vortex thing was pretty realistic. Maybe Badaluk had someone shoot the actual Void in action.” He picked up a recorder which had been lying on the large black recliner along with three-week old gum and a chew-toy. He switched it on and spoke into it, “Note to self: Get Badaluk to shoot nice promotional video for my propaganda.”

Of course, with the dramatis personae out of the way, the story could begin. Except for the one thing that still bothered Thade…

“I wonder who’s doing the crappy voiceover.” He questioned himself, not really expecting an answer. But the answer lay on the small case Badaluk had given him. He picked it up to look at it. A small tag proudly displayed the name of the voiceover artist.

“No,it can’t be…”

Sure enough, it said Jones Real James.

Thade marveled, “How does he pay all these people?” Then he remembered Badaluk’s peculiar profession and he realized he might not want to know the answer.     

The End

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