The Waters Of The Galeic

The mermaid sped along in the waters of the Galeic Ocean, trying to put as much distance between her and what had once been her home, Tretch Russ Rocks. She couldn’t believe that the Mermaid Chorus had just thrown her out. Especially after she’d beaten each one of them at the Siren Idol competition last year.

It wasn’t even that big a deal; a small clause in the siren code of conduct, one that said singing should be the method of achieving their daily bread. Well, this mermaid had never been much for rules. So she shot when she should have sung. It was a really trivial thing as far as she saw it. What rankled her even more were the trumped up charges of illegal usage of nuclear weapons. They threatened to call in the elementals and the mermaid didn’t want to risk her only inheritance, a gift from a father she’d never known.

But right now, she needed to just keeping moving, get some time alone to think and maybe even exact some revenge. There was only one small problem with that plan. It wasn’t going to work because something else was already in the way.

While the mermaid had been occupied by vengeful thoughts, the water had become very unclear and fuzzy. A little longer and she realised that she was trapped in a circle of haziness. The circle, predictably enough, became a vortex and started to shrink. She tried to swim away but the water had congealed by now and become the general consistency of treacle. She plowed on valiantly, but seeing no progress, she looked back to find that her tail had somehow become her stomach. With a muffled ‘pop’, the mermaid and all the water around her disappeared. 

The End

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