The Journey Through Space

So it was created. Born of the whims of the majestic sempiternals. It existed not knowing its purpose, in a vastness of the playing grounds of the immortals. Wandering around the non-living creations, bound by the physics of the universe around it. Oblivious to the immortals who laughed at its ineptitude.

It flew across the universe. Fast, evading the rocks that strew his path. When tired, it rested. The spirit of life was strong in it. It needed nothing else, only rest. And once it had renewed its mana, it continued travelling. Time flowed. And as it travelled the length of the universe, it discovered new worlds. Flaming rocks, too hot for it to approach. They burnt  its cley body. Gave the transluscent mortal a color.

The immortals had bestowed upon the mortal the sense of color, an abbreviated version of their own powers, the visualization of a limited electromagnetic spectrum.

The mortal continued its journey. Watched by bemused immortals, who wondered and wagered the next move of the mortal. Didn't they know what was to happen? They did. But often they would place themselves in their boundaries of time, to make life more fun. Who but the free would think of this. Shackling themselves to gain pleasure. And so they watched.

Soon it learnt to not evade the rocks.
The mortal landed on the rocks. Rocks made of gas. Made of liquid. made of solid. Some made of all three. The gas always above the liquid and solid. Upon the solid rocks it rested. Rested its limbs. In the liquid, it swam in the wonderful bouyancy bestowed upon them. In the gas it flew. Through the dense atmosphere. Feeling the  gas against its body after the vacuum of space, it felt really alive. The monotony of space broken by these rocks.

It was the sensation of touch which permits the interaction of the living and non-living. Leaves an impression on the living. Allows memories. Touch. The touch of energy. The touch of matter.

The End

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