The Quest

You are a knight, and you are on a quest to kill a dragon. You must make the choices along the way.

You ride your steed down the lonely country road, on a quest to kill a dragon. The king sent you, after a series of terrible attacks on some small villages. You forgot why you volunteered, though you know the king only chose you because you are expendable. You know that there are plenty of people more qualified for the job, but the king chose you. Most people would've been honored, but you know that this is suicide for you, because you aren't that good at much anything.

All of a sudden, your horse is startled and jerks upward, and you are sent hurling into the undergrowth. Swearing angrily, you clamber out of the bush when you see what startled your horse so much.

A man in white robes is sanding about a quarter of a mile down the road. you don't understand why he would be dressed so strangely.  What do you do?

The End

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