The Quest

Aha I have no clue where this story is headed but i am very bored :D

Erial rode calmly along the old beaten road, his horse plodding along rhythmically, its head raised high as it stared out into the future neither knowing nor caring where it was heading. The journey had been long for Erial: he had been issued the task of inviting the neighbouring village to the festival of his tribal elders. This was neither an interesting nor even a particularly dangerous task yet it was one which had to be completed.

The day passed and the sun set. Darkness flooded over the land eradicating the light from within it apart from for the silvery light from the moon which shone down onto the road on which Erial was travelling. The trees swayed in the wind, causing their shadows to dance delicately on the pathway.

An eery silence rang through the forest as Erial passed through it - the only sounds that could be heard were the faint cries and calls from the forest's inhabitants. Erial gazed up into the sky, scouring it for the bright glistening stars which were becoming blurred by the coldness of his breath which he could see before him in the cold air. As he carried on gazing at the sky, a loud CRACK could be heard from amongst the trees. A few seconds later there was another. Erial's horse let out a whimper.

"Hush!" he whispered. "It's probably nothing more than a hare or a fox."

They carried on for a few seconds before the quiet of the night was disturbed by another CRACK, then another, then another! They were becoming more and more frequent by the second. Then out from the thick trees a Goblin launched itself at Erial, letting out a high-pitched battle cry with its sword raised and glistening in the moonlight. Before the Goblin had even hit ground Erial snatched up the reigns and yanked them as hard as he could, forcing his horse into a frenzied gallop. The wind whipping through his hair, his heart pounding through his chest, not daring to look back he rode on. He laughed fearlessly about his escape when an arrow whipped past his ear. Erial's head flicked behind him seeing to his horror a horde of angry wolf-mounted Goblins cackling and drooling, clearly hungry for the hunt. The chase was on. Erial whipped his horse, barking at it to go more and more quickly. The Goblins were gaining on him. Their speed outmatched that of his horse and their cries were becoming louder and louder. Erial feeling he had no other choice drew his sword, ready waiting for them to draw level.

The Goblins released their deadly arrows as quickly as they rode. The arrows whipped around Erial's head, narrowly missing him, and shattering on the ground in front of him, almost as though to tease him. Erial's heart was beating nearly out of his chest. He was overwhelmed by fear and the evolutionary instinct to survive drove him on. An arrow struck him in the back, knocking the air out of him. Blood began to pour down his back, soaking into his cloak and turning it a glistening shade of crimson. A Goblin drew level with Erial but he easily cut him down, slicing his head from his shoulders. Erial knew he had to keep going. The village was near: he could seek protection there. He just had to keep going just a bit longer. He knew he could make it. 

Twenty agonising minutes later, just as he was beginning to lose hope, the distant but welcoming yellow lights of his destination came into view.

Yet the Goblins still tailed him. They were never too far behind and kept sadistically toying with him as was their wont before a kill. Their high-pitched shrieks erupted behind him sending chills down his spine. A though struck Erial: why were they still chasing him? After all, they could see the village. An order was barked in their native tongue from behind and a few seconds later another arrow flew through the air piercing through Erial's back and drawing even more blood from his already-weak body. The Goblins veered off, leaving their victim to suffer his fate. 

Erial breathed a sigh of relief but soon suffered an awful spasm of pain in his back from his serious injuries. He knew he just had to get to the village for help. He knew he could make it if he just rode on."

The End

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