The QuestMature

Two teenagers take a quest into the unknown, discovering more than they could have ever imagined :)

Gemma stirred in her sleep. She was dreaming. It was one of those dreams that she would not remember when she woke. It had happened a lot to her, particularly over the past few days. All she could remember from the dreams was fear. Fear of something she knew nothing of, fear of the unknown.

She woke, heart pounding, trying to grasp at the memories of the dream, but as usual they slipped away like water down a drain.

She sighed and got out of bed, reaching for her mobile phone that was powered off on her bedside locker. As she turned it on, she wondered what she would have for breakfast. But as soon as the screen flashed to life, all thoughts left her head. she had  a new text.

*Sorry if I woke you, but my parents are gone..? X.*

Gemma frowned. It was from Brom.

*What do you mean your parents are gone? X.* She texted him back.

She made her way down the stairs, hearing the television in the sitting room, announcing that Harry was up, and headed into the kitchen. By the time she had boiled the kettle, Brom had replied.

*They're gone, I've looked everywhere. X.*

Gemma reread the message, and chewed her lip. It was probably just Brom being silly - his parents had probably gone to the shops or something. Still, if he was worried, she should make sure he was alright.

*I'll come over in a few minutes. X.*

* * *

In the uncomfortable silence of a house usually humming with activity, Brom wandered again, in and out of each room, finding the same odd emptiness behind each and every door.

He glanced at the watch on his wrist. Gemma should be there by now. It didn't take that long to walk over. He pushed open the door to his parents' bedroom. The room was darkened by a set of heabily lined curtains. As he'd seen before, the bed was definitely slept in, but the sheets weren't thrown back as though anybody had climbed out. Instead it seemed that those in the bed had... Disappeared.

Out of some instinct, he rushed to the bedside and pulled back the sheets, as though expecting to see tiny versions of his parents beneath. Of course, nothing greeted him.

Brom grabbed hold of the curtains, and pulled them apart with force, allowing the sunlight to flood his face. Slowly he turned now, his gaze returning to the room warily, as though he knew - even then - that he would now see something that the sunlight would not reveal to him.

* * *

Gemma had just reached the front door when she heard the cry of horror.

The End

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