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It was hard work, especially when you can’t wear anything but a wedding dress, you have two young werewolves that complain about everything and your sister is such a klutz, even though she managed to get a pilot’s licence and some qualification in engineering, but somehow the girls managed to get the engine up and running again.  It had been two long, sweaty, smelly and slick weeks and Sheela was exhausted.  She sat down in front of the plane, breathing heavily with sweat trailing down her face.

‘That’s my power usage of the day,’ she panted as Amber wiped her grubby hands on her shorts after handing Sarah an oily tool.

‘And that should do it for the final touches,’ Sarah twirled the wrench in her hands happily ‘We did it!  Three cheers for us!’  As she threw her hands up in the air happily, the wrench spun out of her hand and hit Vienna on the head.  The werewolf flopped over backwards, exhausted and dazed, drifting off to sleep pretty quickly.  Sarah chuckled nervously as Saphira yawned loudly.

‘Well, we can test it tomorrow,’ she mumbled moodily and got up and picked Vienna up ‘Come on, Siegfried said he was going to make that disgusting mystery soup of his.  I wonder what poisonous ingredient he’s put in this time.’  The girls groaned, Sheela shaking her head.

‘Face it, guys, there’s hardly anything to eat around here,’ she explained ‘Also, I’m suspicious in where he gets the ingredients from.’  The girls hummed to themselves, Saphira grimacing.

‘I don’t want to know,’ she said and the girls agreed with quick nods of their heads.  They blundered through the night to where Siegfried’s hut was, Sarah falling over backwards when she smelt what was cooking.  Vienna woke up when the horrid stench met her nose and retched.

‘What are you putting into that thing that you call soup?’ Sarah asked as Sheela managed to catch her.

‘It’ssssss called mysssssstery sssssssoup for a reasssssson,’ Siegfried smirked as Saphira scrunched her nose up.

‘Ugh, that smells worse than your mother’s liver!’ she exclaimed and Amber held her nose.

‘It smells worse than my dad’s cooking,’ she commented mostly under her breath.  Siegfried hissed in annoyance, his tongue flickering out and waving at the girls in an angry manner.

‘Philistinessssssss,’ he hissed and began spooning the questionably grey soup into bowls, some of them cracked and some of them not, and handed them to the girls.  Vienna turned into her tame wolf form in the hopes that she might find the soup more appetizing, but alas it didn’t work.  She didn’t sniff it, just stared down at it, not really feeling too keen to try it.  Amber dipped a finger in and yelped when the hot soup burned her, pulling it out.  She licked it experimentally and stuck her tongue out in disgust.  Saphira put a distance between her and the soup, waiting until she was really starving to eat it.  Sarah refused to accept her bowl and only took it from Siegfried when Siegfried threatened to force feed it to her while hissing down her neck.  Sheela stared down at her soup, biting her lip anxiously.  How was she going to swallow this down this time around?

‘This is so foul,’ Saphira grumbled ‘Even my dad wouldn’t eat this and he’s the bottomless pit in our household.’

‘I apolgisssse that it’sssssss not five sssssstar quality,’ Siegfried hissed irritably ‘Resssssourcessssssss aren’t very easssssssssy to get to nowadayssssssssss.’

‘Did you cook this bad before the Nightmare Blanket?’ Amber asked curiously.  Siegfried scowled at her and she held her hands up when she met with his angry glare.  Siegfried let his gaze go over to Sheela who dipped her spoon into the suspicious looking substance and slowly brought it to her lips.  She froze when she caught Siegfried’s scrutinizing gaze and gave a nervous smile.  She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and stuck the spoon in her mouth.  Sheela would blacked out from the horrid textures and repulsive tastes that invaded her mouth and swallowed quickly.  Opening her eyes, she gave a weak smile.

‘Did you add…carrots?’ she croaked.  Siegfried perked up.

‘Why yessssss, I did,’ he said.

‘How old were they?’ Vienna raised an eyebrow.  Siegfried hissed angrily and Sheela coughed, placing a hand on her throat.

‘Mandrake too?’ she asked with wide eyes.

‘Of coursssssse,’ Siegfried still had a small scowl on his face.

‘Sarah’s allergic to mandrake,’ Sheela explained when Sarah jumped to her feet and backed away from her soup.

‘Sssssuch a pity,’ Siegfried shrugged ‘You can have her sssssssssshare while ssssssssshe ssssssstarvessssssss.’

‘Oh please make something for her, she’s going to be attempting to fly a plane tomorrow and she needs the energy,’ Sheela enlightened him with a pleading pout and Siegfried sighed.

‘When I finisssh,’ he smiled and continued eating his soup while the girls slowly ate theirs.




Amber, Vienna and Saphira sat nervously on the old and worn passenger seats as they heard the arguing between both Sheela and Sarah as they tried to work the plane’s controls in the cockpit.  It was a rather small passenger plane, it could hold up to sixteen people at most.  They hadn’t exactly been focusing on the comfort part of the flight, more of the technical stuff to see whether it would be safe yet.  Vienna yelped when there was a loud spluttering after Sarah hit something.

‘And we’re in business!’ Sarah cheered as the plane began moving.

‘Sarah, hold the steering wheel!’ Sheela shrieked.

‘Whoops!’  Amber yelped as she fell over backwards and rolled to the back of the plane when it jolted.  Vienna clung onto the seat in front of her, her nails digging into it and tearing the material so the stuffing fell out as Saphira gripped the arm rests of her seat.  Amber’s stomach lurched when the plane steadily ascended into the air and Sarah cheered at the top of her voice.  Vienna placed a hand over her mouth.

‘I get airsick,’ she muttered and buried her face into the seat in front of her ‘I should have said so before…’

‘Uck, no sick bags,’ Saphira grimaced as she looked around.  Amber didn’t feel so fine either, she had never flown before.  Unless you count the time when an Outlandish Vulture picked her up.  Siegfried’s mystery soup was bubbling in her stomach and Amber felt like it was going to come out and spill it all over the floor.  The girls screamed in fright as the plane went vertical, Sheela falling out of the cockpit.

‘For goodness sake, Sarah!’ she screamed as she clung onto one of the chairs ‘Fly this plane properly!’

‘I am flying it properly, I’m the one with a pilot’s license!’ Sarah called from the cockpit.

‘I’m going to be sick!’ Vienna wailed.  Amber didn’t dare announce that she might get sick too in case the vomit would actually come out when she spoke.  Saphira clung onto her seat, quivering in fear.

‘Where are we going anyway, Amber?!’ Sarah called down the plane at Amber.  Amber still refused to talk, feeling more nauseated than before so Saphira helpfully shouted back for her.

‘She said that her nightmare took her above the Nightmare Blanket so just penetrate it and fly a bit more horizontal please!’

‘OK!’ Sarah winked from her place ‘Ladies, we might hit air turbulence so please fasten your seatbelts!’

‘There are no seatbelts!’ Sheela shouted.  There was a loud boom and the plane jolted.  Everything around Amber was spinning rapidly and the poor girl was feeling even more nauseous before and everyone’s screams were just blurring into a noise, she couldn’t make out who was who or who was saying what.  Her head spun, she felt dizzy until suddenly the bile rose in her throat…




Xeann paused as she came around on the mountain when she saw a small battered plane shoot straight up and hit the Nightmare Blanket with a loud bang.  She raised an eyebrow.

‘Well that isn’t something you see every day,’ she commented and began descending down the mountain to Stiraia Village ‘Especially now since flying has been banned.’  She landed by the village and began wandering, looking for any signs of the girls.  She knocked on the first door. 

‘Just a minute!’  It opened to reveal an old woman but Xeann snarled viciously in disgust when her instincts alerted her that she was a werewolf.  She shook her head, covering her mouth.

‘I do beg your pardon,’ she apologized as the old woman recognized her to be a vampire and snarled softly ‘Have you seen a group of girls anywhere?  There should be around about five of them and they are under the age of eighteen and there are two werewolves with them…’

‘If you mean the girls that have been fighting the Narwhine and fixing the plane, I suppose you can go to Siegfried’s hut over there,’ the old werewolf pointed a shaky finger to the hut opposite hers.

‘Thank you kindly,’ Xeann nodded curtly and walked over to the hut, knocking gently.

‘It’sssssss open, come in.’  Xeann gently pushed the door open to see a man in his thirties organising his medicine ingredients.  He stood up straight when he saw her, flickering his tongue out curiously to taste her scent.  ‘Can I help you?’ he offered.

‘Have you treated a girl with Zennalpha Plague recently?’ she asked and the man nodded.

‘Her name isssssss Amber, do you know her?’ he asked.

‘I have been travelling her recently, yes,’ Xeann nodded.

‘Recently?’ the man raised an eyebrow ‘Sssssssshe’sssssss been bedridden for fifteen dayssssssss and hassssssn’t left thissssss village for over a month.’

‘Wait, over a month?!’ Xeann exclaimed with wide eyes ‘I’ve been in a coma for over a month?!’  The man chuckled.

‘You react jussssst like her,’ he commented ‘You mussssssst be thissssss vampire woman that ssssshe talked about regularly.’

‘Where is Amber now?’ Xeann demanded ‘Where are any of the other girls?’

‘I believe they were going to sssssssssee if the plane they were fixing could fly today,’ the man hummed thoughtfully.

‘They are flying a plane?’  The memory of seeing that small plane colliding into the Nightmare Blanket flashed in Xeann’s mind.  ‘Oh dear, I think I’ve just missed them.’




‘Amber?’  Amber didn’t feel so good.  There was a vile taste lingering in her mouth and her stomach was just feeling awful.  She slowly opened her eyes to see Sheela’s face and groaned.

‘What happened?’ she asked groggily.

‘You fainted,’ Sheela explained and pulled Amber up into a sitting up position ‘Here.’  She wiped away something off Amber’s chin and helped her up to her feet.  Amber looked down to see puddles of grey vomit by her feet.  There were more grey puddles around Vienna’s place but the werewolf seemed to be in better condition.  Saphira was staring out of the window, her blue eyes rather wide.

‘It’s the real sky,’ she whispered ‘We’re actually above the Nightmare Blanket…’  Amber turned her head to the nearest window and widened her eyes when she saw the bright blue sky with the sun shining on the Nightmare Blanket that was red with purple lightning streaks through it.  It flashed brightly every so now and then like lightning.  Sheela left the girls to check on Sarah.

‘Well, you actually managed to get us above the Nightmare Blanket,’ she said while sitting in the co-pilot seat ‘I congratulate you.’

‘Told you that you didn’t have to worry about anything,’ Sarah winked at her.

‘I was worrying since the moment you touched the controls,’ Sheela murmured as she looked ahead and held her breath ‘Wow…I never thought I’d be so close to the flying islands without our parents.’

‘Well, believe it, sister, we’re here,’ Sarah grinned.  Sheela smiled back but it faded quickly when a small red light lit up and a small siren went off.

‘Sarah, what is that?’ she asked warily.  Sarah stared at the light for a few seconds and chuckled.

‘I forgot to check how much fuel we had in this plane,’ she chuckled ‘This was originally going to be a test fly anyway…’

‘So what does this mean?’ Sheela asked as she began to feel very, very nervous.

‘We’ll be landing immediately but it’ll be a crash landing,’ Sarah grinned with a nervous chuckle.

‘You idiot,’ Sheela muttered.  The engines spluttered and Sheela curled up into a ball on her seat to get into a bracing position for crashing.  Vienna and Saphira yelped as the plane jolted, Amber’s heart leapt when they began losing altitude fast.  Sheela lifted her head when they crashed shortly after.  Sarah breathed out and Vienna retched, throwing up again.

‘We’re here!’ she called down to the three unwell girls.  Sheela stuck her head out of the shattered windscreen and raised an eyebrow.

‘For someone as clumsy as you, you certainly provide us with misfortune and luck,’ she commented dryly while staring up at the tower in front of them.  Sarah stuck her head out of the other windscreen and grinned.

‘I try,’ she said as the girls climbed out, dusting themselves down and getting ready to enter the tower.

The End

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