The Queen of death

When Alex's parents and siblings die, its the end for her. She thinks her life is over. Her perfect grades go down, her friends have turned their backs until she just has enough, going out nearly every night getting drunk trying to forget everything she meets someone; but he's not who he really turns out to be. Kidnapped and treated like dirt but worst of all turned; into vampire. One day she gets a note, which unravels a lot more than expected........


Those innocent people burning, right in front of my eyes including my younger sister Amiee and my mama. The image was so blurry my tears were like curtains covering the horrid sight, deep inside I knew I couldn’t run away from this pain. Was this reality? Death and pain, or was it just me, because that was all that was going through my young and curious but messed up mind. I felt like screaming, my throat was dry and bitter my screeches tried to crawl out my mouth but nothing came out. My whole body had frozen, I felt soft clammy hands get grip of my hand, a shiver rolled down my back. My whole body was isolated, I couldn’t turn back to see if they had found out who I was; a lonely peasant. A shadow like figure stood in front of me, grabbing my shoulders. They shook me violently; I heard the same words again and again.

“Maîtresse nous devons aller” I knew who it was, but my brain was down. What was the point of living? I had no one to love me and to care for me, no one to stop me from getting in trouble.

“I am no mistress I am just a peasant girl, let me die with my mama and sister, I can’t stand here and just pretend like nothings happened!”

“What are you doing Iris? Don’t do this!” Charlies familiar voice whispers harshly into my ear.  I turned to him, my corset was so tight it felt like my ribs were bruised and shattered. Charlies maid has done it up for me, she had said the tighter it was richer you looked, I may have looked rich but I didn’t feel it.

“What Charlie, my only family are dieing in their, I only came here to visit my papa’s grave! I was meant to be leaving in the morning!” I muttered. My jaw clenched tightly to show I was angry and this was the wrong time to mess around. He grabbed hold of my wrist and headed towards the forest!

“Look you told me to help you; this is all I can do. I love you and it doesn’t matter if you’re poor or the riches girl in the village. All I want is you and to do that I need to protect you” Now I was told this was life, pain was just a simple compromise. Deep inside I knew this was right. It’s what mama would have wanted. I ran towards Charlie, tears rolled down my red hot cheeks; it felt like acid. I buried my face in his ruffled jacket.

“Why me? What have I done wrong?” I asked him. Charlie took hold of my face, his eyes shone under the moon light. Nothing he mouthed, his cold gentle lips kissed the top of my head.

“Go to my family’s cottage, here’s the key. Stay there until I come then we will leave early in the morning; get some sleep if you can” He kept looking over his shoulder, people were getting suspicious. Were both seventeen and we’d been friends since we were two. When all this poor rich business started my mama had to work for Mrs Holist in England where we moved when my Papa died and Amiee who was sixteen had to work at the bakery. We were still poor, even though we saved nearly all the money that we had made but it just went like with the snap of my fingers; but my mama said my beauty would get me somewhere far one day and  that being poor was only temporary.

“Run, I’ll take care of this lot” Charlie murmured as he interrupted my daydream of someone loving me more than the finest gold there is to be found, someone treating me with gracious gifts. I did love Charlie but not in the way he wanted me to love him. I nodded obediently; he pressed the key into my hand. It was about a ten minuet walk. I ran as fast as I could. This was not my life; it was all in my head, how I could think that I could do this, leave real life, getting dressed up and not lifting a finger all day, it’s just not me. The anger built up inside my body, my blood boiled; my clammy hands clenched tighter and tighter. I felt a sharp sudden pain that dug into the palm of my hand. Scarlet red blood dripped down my wrist, it look like a deep vicious black because of the midnight blue blanketing the bare sky. The keys edge prodded my pale skin. The sight of my own blood made me feel light headed and dizzy, I needed to lean on something. There was an oak tree about four meters away from me. The hard lean tree looked down at me; the branches shadowed around my petite body.

 The key was covered in blood; I didn’t understand why some much blood had come out of one cut, a simple tear through my skin. I could hear people shouting; I could see an auburn glow coming towards me. They found out, I could feel it.  Looks like it’s over, I’m giving up. What was the point now in living? I had no one. I silently cried to my self, as I just sat there leaning against the tree trying to stop the bleeding with the soft fabric of my elegant dress, there was the sound of branches breaking from above me; from the tree. The branches composed a violent dance like movement as if it was getting shivers down its hard bark back. The people weren’t too far away, they couldn’t really me see due to the shadowing of the tree. I looked up and then a dark figure jumped out from above there came the pain, something sharp against my neck. I screamed to the top of my large lungs, every thing was a blur and then it was over.

 My arms felt sore, I was tied to a tree, the tree from last night. The sun shone through the branches of the tree, the streams of sunlight shone though the leafs and they made a beautiful emerald green colour, the same colour of Amiee's rouded almond shape eyes.Then it all flooded back, I never had time to grieve but this wasn't the time and place.

I was hungry, no not hungry, I was thirsty, my throat felt dehydrated. My nostrils flared because of the pain in my throat. I could hear a loud beating in my head I could hear something running; like fresh spring water down a small narrow stream and I could smell something. My mouth watered at the luscious smell. I swiftly untied my hands from the top of the tree and elegantly tiptoed over to a bush where my prey wouldn't see what hit them,  and then pounced out without a second thought.

“Iris?” Charlie frowned then his eyes widened with shock and horror but then it was too late, I tried to stop myself but it was useless. I kept thinking to my self take enough for you to be filled, but for him to live.

I left his body, he was cold lifeless, all I could do now was run……



The End

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