The Crystal Ratio

Howw is a boy obsessed with systems who has been living in a stranger's house for a while because (just his luck) it took him a week to find his own chest!

Howw dug frantically through the many scraps of cut-out Sudoku squares in his chest. That is, his wooden chest, which usually sat beside his bed. Today was unusual, though, so it was in someones bathroom sink.

It's got to be in here somewhere,” panted Howw. He considered digging a trowel out of the gardening drawer downstairs, but decided against it. The heater had turned on along with the air conditioning, signalling the arrival of a guest. Well, actually, the person arriving was the host, and Howw was really the guest— or the parasite, whichever we prefer to extrapolate from the little information we have so far.


It was a whisper. Finally, Howw, after spending seven days in the house of a stranger, had found what he was seeking. He didn’t take the chest, as that would tell the host their house had been breached, but merely the single slip of paper he’d hidden amongst the dozens of dismembered Sudoku parts in order to prevent anyone from stealing his work. This hadn’t worked, apparently.

Is this a sleeping bag?” said the host downstairs.

Howw answered, “No!”

There is a dictionary-derivable onomatopoeia to describe the sound the host made, but we have elected to present it in standard Internet notation instead, as it is more expressive that way.

xcsxecdzexexecsexexsecfsxfxxxfecfsdsc!” went the host. “Who is that?”

The End

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