the next day didn't feel so great. The nausea was back, I had celebrated with a cupcake, from a quiet bakery about a block from home and could even sleep without the pill, but without it I had the strangest dreams:

It was busy backstage, this ballet was not one I had seen before, the dresses where a mix of everything, and the music was a dull raor in your ears, every ballerina was perfect. All of then but me. The older girls "tsked" and whispered and laughed. I felt goosebumps and crawling and butterflies. When it was my turn to go on a prettier, older version of me stopped me.

"You cannot go out like that!"

her voice was quiet but her words where enough on there own, confused I looked down. I was covered and burstng with yellow fat, grease oozed from my pores I felt the restraint on movement, I felt ugly and sick. She gave me a look

"Lose more, faster you pig"

"I'm trying" I blubbered

The got up in my face and whispered

"not enough"

I woke shivering. I scrambled to the floor length mirror bolted to the door of my storage closet/bedroom possessed with the believe I had become what I was in the dream. I looked in the mirror and saw something worse, I had an oblong long face, oversized arms, thighs the size of continents and a stomach that was larger than all the worlds oceans combined. I ran to the bathroom and puked.

The End

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