I grinned at the scale it had been seven days and I lost a pound more than planned Stephanie would be proud. I had made it with an ingenious diet too. Breakfast was instant, a fabulous discovery I had made while buying groceries if you added ice to the shake it gave you almost two glasses full of goodness with only a few calories and lots of energy. I was aware that breakfast jumpstarted your metabalism, so I made sure to eat it. I had no lunch, and either a cheese stick or a slice of bread for dinner. I had also dsicovered the value in Mother's sleeping pills, over the first few night's hungar pains awoke me, and wouldn't let me rest. But I was strong, I was strong enough to pass through the kitchen, to not even look at the dahmed pantry and the godawful fridge, march straight into the bathroom, and take the pills, I did allow water, it did make me more full.   

I neary leapt with joy on the walk to the studio, even if it was bitterly cold out. I felt lighter, like I could accomplish anything and everything. I felt like the firebird should feel, alive.

And she was proud, she said I was commited, and she knew I could do it. Then, she told Veronica who burst into tears. We had been friends and a felt a stab of pity for her, but it went away with the realization that I had done it, I had a shot at leaving this place this world, behind. I had hope that now, and only now could I let dawn. This was a new begining, a new hope and a new light for me.

The End

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