The pursuit of perfectionMature

"I'm Penelope Winthrope. I wanted to dance so much it hurt, but a life without it hurt more. When an opportunity to do just that presented itself, I took it. little did I know that it almost took my life along with it.
Perfection was what I craved, was that my crime?..."

I did it perfectly; or at least more perfect than the other girls. I cataloged every unkempt turn every time I went slightly off balance, but even I could admit they where few and far between. But I knew for a fact I was better than everyone of them, they didn’t practice until there feet bled, in fact most didn’t practice at all. I didn’t understand, I deserved that part I deserved that place it was my junior year after all, and scouts where coming. Scout’s didn’t pick girls with supporting roles. Scouts picked the best, the picked the firebird. I was fuming by the time class got out, and didn’t even bother to ideally chat with the girls. I marched to our instructor; Mrs. Stephanie’s office ready to scream. My cool was lost, she had no idea how hard I had worked, but she would. She called me in without having to knock, she most likely knew I was coming. I didn’t beat around the bush.

“I deserved that part”

“You did” was her snarky reply, she was not my favorite instructor but that wasn’t the point. She did what she did well, and under her we learned.

“Than why did you give it to her?”

I couldn’t even say her name, I didn’t want to direct anger where it wasn’t due.

She stood up, to an imposing 6feet.

Penelope, what is your height


“And darling how much do you weight?”


“You have your answer”. Tears where threatening. I had never had a problem with my body, but now; if it threatened dancing. I did.

“But what if I lose the weight?”

“You have a week to lose four pounds to prove your serious about it. Then I put you in, but you should be about 110 by the time they slide that costume over your head.”

I swallowed. I had two months to lose twenty pounds.

“You have a deal”

The walk home was bittersweet. I had my chance, I had it. But was I really that fat? I though about all the tank tops and shorts and skimpy clothes I had worn thinking I looked pretty and thin. I guess I was wrong.

The End

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