The Pursuit of Happiness

A little dog was trotting down the sidewalk. His little tail was wagging for all its worth back and forth. His little tongue was hanging out of his mouth and he was positively happy.

People were walking by the dog. They smiled when he passed them. They have never met a dog so deranged with glee. It was contagious. What was the dog so happy about? A business man wondered. Why can't I be happy like him?

The business man,who was roger McMillian, stopped abruptly. He watched the little dog walk away and he was filled with a longing. He longed to find out what the dog's happiness was so that he could have it. He longed to be happy.

Roger followed the little dog. It was arduous task. The dog was small enough to weave in and out the legs of people. Roger, a full grown man, was not capable of the same thing. He bumped into many people who got angry at him. McMilian couldn't possible explain that he was following a dog to find happiness could he? Instead, he just apologized and hurried along.

McMillian's pursuit led him to a small park. It was next to building that McMillian himself had designed. He straightened himself and looked around.

The little dog was no where in sight. Sighing, McMillian sat on a park bend. Had he just chased after a little dog when he could be in the office? Had he just wasted his precious time?

A bark resonated through the park and McMillian turned to the sound. The little dog was by a pond. He was splashing in the water and was creating quite a scene. He was barking so loud that soon, out of nowhere, other strange dogs came to join him. They were just as happy as the dog, maybe even worse. They made a cacophony of noise that was strangely calming to McMillian. It reminded him back when he was a kid and how there was never a dull moment in his home. He smiled softly at the thought. Maybe those dogs were family.

Something nudged McMillian's foot. It was the dog he had followed. McMillian looked around for the other dogs but the one currently at his feet started barking to claim his attention.  He picked up the dog and set him on his lap. "Hey, little boy." he said.

The dog wagged his tail furiously. McMillian was sure that in another life, that dog was a strong wind. McMillian was mesmerized at the sight of it.

A strange feeling passed over McMillian. He felt that he was a kid again and that he finally had the dog he always wished for. McMillian scratched the dog, who he decided to name Cole, behind his ears.

And he and Cole sat there, oblivious to the bustling city behind them for the rest of the day.

The End

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