The Pursuit


I awoke to a blinding flash of light, followed by complete darkness. I searched around to try to get my bearings, when a voice spoke:

"Move, now"

"What?" I said, "Who's there?"

"That's not important. You need to move now. They'll be here soon."

"Where? It's pitch black here"

"That can be remedied"

 I found the darkness clearing slightly, and was able to make out the faint shapes of my surroundings. I was lying on the floor of a long passageway, of which I could see neither beginning nor end, but could just about make out the mouths of several openings which I took to be other tunnels. I pulled myself upright, and leaned my hand against the mossy, damp wall.

"Now move. It doesn't matter where you go. We'll be in contact again when the time is right".

I heard rapid footsteps echoing down the passageway, and made my stumbling way forward through the gloom.

The End

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