chapter 1 part2

After I leave her residence I go towards the Main Gates. That I arrive at a few mintues later, and as I head out I stop to pray. "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Lord, watch over me and give me the strength to follow your works. Amen."

"Open the gates Mamoru." The chaperon of the Gates of Heaven, with the name that literary means "guardian" is Mamoru. An old dear friend of mine who is one hundred years older than me, but looks no older than the age of twenty-five. Becasue of his imortalitiy he never ages, and is a very wise man indeed. However, no man or angel could pull wall over his eyes. It's his duty to make sure no wicked entities enter the kingdom.

I wave farewell, then I open my white feathered wings. When they completly unfold they more than double my size. I levetate from the ground as I begin soaring through the clouds.

I then enterEarth, the planet my Father created to house all of his toys. Their quite marvelous yes, that's why they are always put first. He loves them so much that no matter how many times they turn away, he always forgives, and welcomes them with open arms. A love so great that even we don't fully understand.

Roughly forty minutes later, I begin to enter the Nagano Prefecture. I then head 5 miles south of Karuizawa. As I travel through the cold chilly night; I see nothing but trees, mountain tops, and ponds. Until, I spot a large church with the corner of my left eye. As I land my great wings fade and so I now look like any other human. I begin examining the parish, and it looks like it hasn't been in use for while.

Or so it appears

I think to myself.

I walk up the steps to the door and I can see the cracks in the pillars. As I begin to open the door it makes a loud groaning shriech. I look inside and fortuantly, it seems like they have already started. So no attention was draw to me what so ever. Its dark, with the exception of scented candles lit around the church. I see twelve people performing the ritual infront at the altar. I also scence twenty people upstairs, and five in the basement. A total calculation of thirty-seven souls; I'll have to be quick and careful about this. I can't allow a single person to get away with their life. For because of their betrayal they shall be punished, damed, and join hands with the Prince of Darkness. The one they so truly desire therefore, I'm doing them but a simple favor.

The End

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