For her name means "shining over heaven" she is the legend of the sun goddess of countries like Japan. She's Amaterasu, second in command to make sure we fulfill our tasks given to us.We are Angels of the Lord, obedient servants who's purpose is to follow orders from our beloved Father. If we Disobey we shall be cast out, the gates of heaven will forever be out of our reach. Unable to join the Kingdom of God for the rest of eternity is the worst nightmare for any of us. "My Lady, you wished to speak with me." She gives a soft grin. "Yes, I've been getting reports of a man named Kyou Sato. He is the leader of a cult apparently, who holds private parties for Satanic worship. I had one of my men attend these so called "parties" to investigate. Their type of worship requires human sacrafice which they get from the black market auctions. They then gather around the altar wearing cloaks repeating old chants. Kyou then reads a text in latin from his book then sacrafices the victum. Blood flows from the body and creates a base for the altar. The amount of violence is revolting and I can not let this continue. Of course, I told my man not to lay a finger because that's why I have you. It's your job to do the dirty work for us, understood." I stand up and raise my head so I can look into her illuminating golden eyes. "Were exactly does this take place?" " It's at an old abandoned church 5 miles away from Karuizawa. I'm counting on you and remember not to show mercy for those who have rejected God." "Yes my Mistress," I say as I turn around. As I begin to leave her words make me stop for a second, "Oh, and don't forget your vow. Never hesitate!"
The End

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