The Purifier

Its about an angel who's job is to punish the wicked and follow orders from his beautiful mistress. However, he meets girl named Sakura and is charmed by her innocence, kindness, and beauty.Then gets cast out of heaven because he breaks his vow. But begins life on earth, though there's still one last battle, if he fails he'd lose the one he would die to protect.

Chapter 1

Legend of the Purifier

High above, past the white cotteny clouds of the clear baby blue sky. Further than the moon, the sun, and the stars; "Things which eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, And which have not entered the heart of man, All that God has prepared for those who love Him" (1Corinthians 2:9). Here lies the Kingdom of God, where the walls stand tall and strong. Where everything down to the last stone is pure as the driven snow. A place with no shadows or darkness that's completely surrounded by smell of insense. There aren't words to give it justice this... This is my home. Were my body and soul unite me as one with my Father. To love him, praise him, and hear his words of wisdom. To have true happiness and peace of mind. For me there is no greater love than this and there is nothing I would risk to lose it.

I stroll through the enchanted Orchard of Heaven. A truly sacraed vineyard were many angels and souls come to give thanks. I follow along the curved path to reach the waterfall at the very peak of heaven were my Mistress is housed. Her residence is an enormous cave constructed of stained glass. The cataracts waters simply touch the cave's right side. As I talk inside the deep cave I hear the sound a spiritual melody echoing. Finally reaching my destination at the steps of her throne I kneel, and bow my head to her. My bangs fall past my eyes hiding them and I take a deep breathe. I'm blinded by the energy that surrounds her; That shimmering light that wraps around her like a shield. She has a hour-glass shaped sillouette with all the curves of a woman covered by a white garnment. Her golden curls shine more than the sun itself, and fall all the way to the ground. Of course, nothing this beautiful could be mortal for she is a divine being like myself.

The End

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