Chit Chat with a purposeMature

"Uh, Hi..... Arrow can we talk?" I ask.

"Sure" He says, standing up. I look at Skyla.

"I'll stay here with Blaze" She says smiling. I nod then turn on my heels walking off not looking back to see if Arrow following. I know he is.... I can feel his presence. The soft white glow. We reach the side of the school and I turn to face him arms folded over my chest.

"Arrow, whats a Protector?" I ask. He freezes looking completely shocked.

"What?" He says shocked for a minute.

"I...." I look down at the floor my mind wandering off. "You're my Protector aren't you and.... Jake, he tried to stop that. Even though it didn't work"

"How do you know all this?" he whispers. He's not denying it..... Oh god, its true.

I shake my head angrily.

"I don't know its just like.... I know things that I don't even understand" I whisper. Arrow steps closer then I immediatly push myself into his arms gripping his t-shirt like a life line.

"Everything will become clear.... I promise" he whispers.

"But... this is all Jake's fault if... if he hadn't.... then this wouldn't happen" I sob.

"What wouldn't happen?" he asks.

"The distance... a protector should be closer to his charge" I sob. "But cause of Jake that won't happen.... not until something touches both our heart truely"

I begin to laugh.

"What?" He asks.

"That sounded so cheesy" I say smiling up at him. He smile back and strokes my cheek. I rest into his hand.

"Everything will be okay Luna" he says softly. I hear someone scoff and we both turn to look where it came from.

A boy... I think stands there a greenhood pulled up. Arrow moves to stand in front of me but....

I walk round him. "Do I know you?" I ask tilting my head.

That voice... so familiar.

"Course you do Little Moon" he says. My eyes go wide.

"Oliver" I gasp. He pulls back his hood and I pull him into a hug. I feel Arrow's shock behind me.

"Its great to see you" I say. Then I remember and pull back begin slapping his arms.

"Where. The. Hell. Did. You. Go?" With each word is a hit and Arrow stares even more shocked.

"Look, Luna. I didn't choose to go but...." He looks at Arrow. "I'm here to warn you. Just be careful"

Then he's gone pulling up his hood and vanishing in a flash.

"How did you know him?" Arrow asks.

"He was my friend about five years ago but one day he just vanished" I say turning to him.

"I think he was the power source that knocked me out" Arrow says. I'm already shaking my head.

"Oliver's not powerful enough to do that" I say, then I frown. "I don't know how I know that"

"I do" Arrow says pulling me to him. "The Orb in you in awakening"

I smile. "And you'll be there?" I ask.

"Of course" He says nodding then he kisses me softly. But now I'm starting to worry. Another Greenhood powerful than Oliver and Arrow?

The End

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