Warm HugsMature

I don't know why I'm crying. Maybe its cause he stole that special moment from me.

Ruined it. I turn to Arrow who is staring shocked. Then he see's me watching him. He moves quickly but precisely pulling me into his arms.

I feel a small glitch of the connection that I felt earlier but..... its harder to feel now.

Like somethings clogging it up.

But it doesn't change my feelings. I can certainly feel that. His arms are warm around me and I don't want him to let go. I can't let him let go.

Its as if.... I need him more than ever. That he shines much brighter than before..... or I shine less.

Yes, thats it. Somethings covering my heart.... No, my soul.

I.... I know this may sound weird but usually it shines bright as a star. So blinding I don't have to look for it.

Yes, that does sound weird. I knew it would.

"Ar-Are you okay?" Arrow asks stuttering. I look up at him.

His soft warm eyes filled with nothing but worry and care. I feel ashamed. I look away and I feel him flinch.

Why? I'm the one who has done something wrong.

"I'm sorry" I whisper. Then I clung to his t-shirt and begin crying again. I don't know where the nurse is. She must have heard this.

Wait..... why isn't anything moving?

I pull back and look out the window. Every thing is frozen in place.

No wind blows.

"Arrow, whats happening?" I ask. He follows my eyesight to the window then gasps turning to look back at me.

"I-I think you're doing it" He stutter eventually getting the words out of his mouth.

I look up at him and feel a light tug. It doesn't reach the surface but it's still there. Like..... Like the fact Jake kissed me is making it harder for the connection to come through.

Not destroying it. No, but harder for it to appear.

"I'm Sorry" I whisper. Arrow looks shocked. "I should have.... I should have realised it wasn't-"

Then he does something unexpected and I don't think he was planing it himself.

He takes my face softly between his hands and brings his lips down hard on mine. The Connection sparks..... but no flame just tiny sparks and flicker of a candle trying to burn.

Then he pulls back and I realise we're both out of breath. I look up into his eyes and can't help but feel warm.

Then I realise something..... each kiss from him is like a million times more heart felt than what Jake forced on me without permission.

We don't have anything to say and luckily time begins to move forward. The nurse comes in and I move back.

"Time to go to class, Luna" she says smiling. I nod look at Arrow squeeze his hand which was in mine then almost run out of the door.

I find Jake waiting. I stop dead.

"So?" He asks. I walk up to him and..... Wack!

The sound echo's down the hall luckily everyone is in class.

"You dare do that again and I will rip your throat out" I growl and I realise I mean it.

"I didn't here you protesting" he says rubbing his cheek. I see a flicker of anger in his eyes.

"That's cause I thought you were someone else..... Oh and by the way You failed. The connection wasn't broke. You" I shove him. "Are not my protector"

I don't know where these words are coming from but they shock Jake into silence and I storm passed him down the hall.

The End

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