Leave me Alone!Mature

I catch Arrow before he hits the floor. "Oh my god" I say.

I look up and glare at Jake. He fakes sympathy. "Sorry, I didn't mean no harm" he says.

I look down. Arrow nose...... its only bloody now it doesn't look broken.

"I think I was wrong about the borken noes miss" I say back to the nurse.

"Oh, okay.... do you need help to move him?" she asks. I nod and she takes his feet while I take his arms.

We lift him on to the bed in her and I quickly drag a chair over taking his hand in mine.

"I'll be in my office if you need me" she says smiling nicely. She gives Jake an evil look on her way past.

Jake shrugs and walks over kneeling in front of me. "I truely am sorry" he says.

He takes my hand and tries to kiss it but I yank it back then bringing it hard across his face.

"Leave" I hiss. He seems shocked and I don't care. He may have the looks, the money and the car but thats not what counts in my opinion.

He stands up and looks slightly pissed as he walks out of the room. I take a deep breath and turn back to Arrow.

I've fancied him a while. I don't know what it is about him but..... he seems different more alive.

Then there that dream I had years ago..... or was it a dream? I don't know.

I lean forward resting my head on his hand and mine which are intwined. I hope no one walks in that would be embarassing.

I think I feel off to sleep then.

The End

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