Falling AsleepMature

Narrator: Adrian "Arrow" DeFlèche


"I'll fetch the nurse," Luna tells me.

I nod, and let go of her soft wrist.

My eyes are on Jake now. We are alone.

"Allow me," he says, putting a hand upon my nose as I clench it tightly to stop the blood from flowing.

"Are you sure?" I ask, my voice sounding hummingly weird with my nostrils blocked.

He is sure. Too sure -- of himself. I can sense the energy flowing up his arm, and it's not what it should be. The feelings he's drawing on aren't benign enough. It's no healing spell. I realize it just in time. I jump up, kicking him away as I do so.

Jake hits the wall with a thud, and I punch him across the face.

"Don't ever!" I spit the words at him.

They return, to see what I have done to make such a noise.

There's a pact of friendship broken in this. And all the quiet memories of time together, what do they mean? She's standing between us, now, in more than one way.

My nose is exposed. For some reason, it's no longer broken. It doesn't even hurt anymore.

How can that be? I wonder. Then I push it out of my mind, because I'm afraid of what she's about to say.

Shock is etched upon her beautiful face.

My eyelids feel heavy.

Then, her words stop short, and the room begins to spin.

Or, am I spinning? No, falling!

"Arrow!" she cries.

A faint grunt escapes my lips. And then, I pass out to the sound of Jake's laughter. Now, both his spells have taken effect. He healed me, at a cost to my own wakefulness.

I must be in Luna's arms, for I never hit the ground.

Now I dream, wanting only to return to what is real.

The End

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