"Oh my god" I almost yell. I kneel next to him and snatch a paper towel of someone. I sit Arrow up and press the towel to his nose.

"Uh, that hurts" he mutters. He looks at me but I look away quickly. I turn to look at the teacher.

"Should I take him to the nurse?" I ask.

"That would be a good idea" he says nodding and looking at the blood spilling from his nose. "Here" He shoves a handful of tissues at me.

I take them and Arrow gets to his feet. He throws the blood covered tissue in the bin and I hand him another one.

We walk out into the hallway and I glare at Jake who has seemed to join in with the laughter of two boys, except he's only smiling slightly a bit to smugly.

"Moron" I hiss. Then turn to Arrow.

"Are you alright?" I ask. He nods slightly and we enter the nurses office. I open the door for him.

"Oh, dear" the nurse says jumping up.

"Sit down honey and just wait till it stops bleeding" The nurse then walks off.

I sit down on the wooden bench with Arrow. I take away the tissue hes holding to his nose then get another one and place it lightly to a cut that has been revealed.

"I think you've broke your nose" I mutter.

"Really?" he moves it and winces. "Yeah, I think you might be right"

"I'll fetch the nurse" I stand up and he grips my wrist. I turn to look at him and he opens his mouth to speak.

"Ouch, looks bad" We turn to see Jake standing in the doorway. He turns his eyes to me and smiles.

But the confusion I felt earlier is gone. I scowl at him then turn to look at Arrow.

"I'll fetch the nurse" I say. He nods lets go of my wrist then turns his eyes to look at Jake.

I walk off and hear rised voices behind me. I approach the nurse. "Hey, um I think we need to check Arrow into a hospital it seems his nose is broken"

"Okay we'll..." A thud interupts us with a yell of pain. We run back to the main part of the office.

Jake's against the wall his face turned slightly. Arrow fist pulls back and I just look shocked.

The End

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