Three years later.....Mature

"Bye Mum" I shout running out the door before she can even answer but I hear her good bye any way. My hearings good like that.

I run along the road knowing I'm already late for school. My straight thin hip length midnight black hair flicking around me. I pull out a bobble and hold it in my mouth as I turn a corner and pull it back. I grip it in one hand then tighten it in the bobble.

Then now I'm set I take off fast down the road. I'm a great runner sometimes I think I could go way faster but I just settle for being a fast sprinter.

I run all the way to the school and slip through the gates just before they close. Don't want to get a detention for being late with no excuse.

I run till I get to the main building. I flick my Greyish Blue eyes back and forth as I cross the carpark. Every one stares until....... they notice a car pull through the gates.

We all turn and stare. A lot of 17 -18 year olds attend her for the final year or years of school and have cars but not a mercedes-benz. It grey and everyone follows it as it pulls into a parking space.

Then 'He' gets out......

The End

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