The Pure SoulMature

A meteor falls, but was it only that?
Luna was in the field the meteor fell to. A lot of people saw it but no one saw the evidence of it.
No crater, or anything.
Luna saw it and it was just a random piece of space rock.

I don't know if what I saw was true. But on the 12th September at about 9:30 a meteor fell in to a field close to my village.

I was only 14 years old at the time. When I saw the rock falling I ran but when I jumped and feel to the floor I didn't feel the earth sudder. I had turned and tried to see where the rock should be.

But there was no rock, nothing except a small orb. It could have fitted in my palm. It glowed bright with many colours swirling through it. I don't know what had drawn me to walk over to it, some sort of feeling inside.

I had reached out..... it had been a mistake. As soon as my fingers touched it I couldn't pull away. The light began to corse through my veins it hurt and when it was over I fel back on to the grass.

Then they came, they began speaking about things I couldn't understand.

"Is she alright, Arrow?" A female asks.

"She's fine Blaze" A boy answers who I presume to be Arrow.

"Ha, a mortal touching the Orb being fine thats a joke" A new boy adds.

"Shut up, Jake. She might be able to hear us" Blaze hisses.

"Is she bonded?" Jake asks.

"Yes" Arrow says simply.

"Jesus, I thought just her touching the Orb was a shock" Jake says.

"So she's the one?" Blaze says slightly skitterish.

"Of Course the Orb came her and she bonded with it so it must be her"

"We should get her home" Arrow says. I feel my body being lifted of the ground and warm strong arms support me.

"Well go ahead, Arrow. You are the Protector?" Jake says with slight hints of jelousy but mostly sarcasm.

"I will" he hisses. Then Arrow begins to walk.

I blacked out for the rest of the journey but I woke when he was tucking my carefully into my bed.

Arrow froze. He had short ruffled Dark Red hair and his eyes were a dark muddy brown. "Who are you?" I choke.

He puts a hand on my cheek. "Sleep, remember for tommorow you walked back in tonight well and healthy" he says sort of sternly.

"No, I didn't" I mutter.

"Trust me, it would be better if what happened tonight remained quiet for a while" he says. He strokes a hand through my hair and I find my eyes slowly closing.

"Sleep, Princess" he whispers as I slowly fall into the dark oblivion trying to claim me.

The End

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