Everything was black for a while, until something stabbed at me to wake up. I slowly started to open my eyes, seeing that everything before my was a blur. I blinked several times to clear my sight, then I got a clear vision of where I was.
I was inside a hospital, laying in the only bed inside the small room, covered by white sheets up to my neck. There were three people sitting at the left side of my bed. Two of them being complete strangers, and the third being the first boy I had truly gotten aquanted with before passing out. Hallen, was sitting right beside my head in a slouched position, almost leaning over me. He grinned stupidly at me.

"Have a nice sleep, Zelda?" He asked me. Before waiting for my reply, he turned to the strangers sitting beside me and motioned for the two ladies to leave the room. The older looking woman led the way, and the younger girl closed the door tightly behind her. I sat up in the bed, and took in a deep breath.

"You could say that." I replied. I turned my head to the left to look at Hallen, who was still giving me that same stupid grin from when we first met in what had felt like only moments ago. I was sure it had been longer than that since then.

"Good to hear."

The End

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