The Pure Afterlife

Being a Soul Carrier isn't as easy as it would seem. Zelda Lewl used to be a normal human being until by some twist of fate she met Edward, Kristal and Hallen who changed her life forever.

It's the first day of the new school year. I'm nervous as usual, hoping I won't stand out much. The last time I went to school was two years ago and that was before I met Kristal. Kristal was my best friend and a vampire. That's right, a living, breathing, blood-sucker. Well, maybe not living but immortal. 

I stood dead still at the front of the school lot feeling something thick and wet dripping down my forehead. My expression sour expecting to see a blob of blood drip down in front of my eyes.

A boy walked up to me out of a crowd smiling "What's the problem, here?" I said nothing in reply. The boy wiped my forehead and licked the sticky red liquid off from his finger tips. "Tastes like blood." He laughed. I looked at the dribble of blood that dripped from his tiny mouth and noticed something interesting.

"Shut up! I thought I was bleeding!" I pushed him violently and he pushed back more gently. 

"God, does someone ever have temper issues. How did you know it was fake?" I walked past him angrily insulted but he decided to follow me on my trip to the school entrance.

"Yo, I asked you a question! Hey, dynomite!" He shouted at me trying to catch up with my fast pace. I stopped and turned around to face him.

"Real blood is dark red. The blood you wiped off my forehead was a dark pink." He blinked almost stunned for a moment when I decided to move on and headed for the school doors with that guy walking beside me.

"My name is Hallen. Gay name, I know." He at last decided to say. As we approached the doors I reached the handle as did Hallen at the same time. Our hands touched but he moved his hand away.

"I'm Zelda." I smiled for a second and Hallen opened the door.

"After you." He gestured his hand towards the doorway. I walked right on through.

Taking a step inside the school, I collapsed to the ground. Students that were casually walking through the halls stopped by to see what was up.

Great. Everyone was watching me make a fool out of myself.

Hallen rushed over to me and dropped to the floor beside me. He gave a sly smile.

"What? Another prank freak you out?" Asked Hallen who was on the verge of laughing. Too bad, I only wished it was another of their stupid school pranks on the new kid.

"No, I-" Suddenly, I felt the air in my lungs just stop. I started gasping for air. One of the students noticed me having a hard time breathing and went to go tell a teacher that 'the new kid needs help'. 
Help was the last thing I needed right now.

"Zelda, hang on. The teachers are calling 911." Yelled Hallen. Suddenly, there was a crowd of students gathered around me, come to watch. One of the teachers were pushing through the crowd but Hallen stood in his way.

"Hallen, step aside!" The teacher yelled. Hallen though, didn't budge.
Wow, I barely know this guy for five minutes and he already won't leave my side? How... Unordinary.  

As I looked up at the teacher, I noticed something was odd. There seemed to be an exact duplicate of him standing right beside him. Then, everything had gotten really blurry. I started sufficating until I fainted.

The End

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