Against the Alliance

Berin thought long and hard about what the portrait in front of him had said.

"Forget the alliance!" he had boomed. In a voice so certain of himself, Berin almost believed him.


The advantages to joining the alliance, still weighed in his mind. A giant scale he could see within his mind. Tipping one way and then another never reaching a firm, solid conclusion, or judgement. His head seemed to lopside to the left, as if the none existent scale could physically control whichever way his body swayed. 

God dammit why does this decision come down to me?" he asked no one but himself. 

He saw himself, as weak and pitiful beneath that powerful portrait. But then again the portrait was just a portrait. He was a living, breathing, man. He could make his own damn decision. He thought of all the positives of joining the alliance of going against the measly portrait.

But it's voice boomed back to him.

"Forget the alliance"

His body gave a defeated jerk to the right. As he seemed to slouch on the spot.

"Screw it" Berin thought. Deciding that the alliance, could go to hell. He was against it.  

The End

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