The Uus

To date, the Nintendo Wii was still impossible to buy. Aaron wanted one, so he did the next best thing. He got hold of a rental unit and reverse engineered it. Aaron’s version looked like a pig, but it worked.

Then he took it a step further. Aaron stacked processors and tweaked firmware until the pig flew. His console clocked 215% faster than Nintendo’s, and the controllers had twice the precision and range.

Soon, people learned about Aaron’s homemade “Uus,” and wanted one of their own. He knew, however, that he couldn’t legally build and sell the units. So he did the next best thing. For a fee, he emailed step by step instructions for people to build their own Uus. His emails were untraceable and set so that as each step was completed the customer clicked a button on the email, simultaneously sending the next instruction and destroying the previous one. Aaron made a small fortune.

It was while checking his bank account that Aaron realized he had the solution to Henry’s processor problem all along.

The End

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