Open your mind

You seem unsure. Oh, I sense that and I believe that to be completely unnecessary. It would be insulting to most, to not be taken seriously, but I cannot care to pretend to feel the same emotions that others do. Pretense is the refuge of the weak, of the inferior, of the ones who cannot live in a world of reality and truth. I can barely see your naked soul, cluttered as it is with redundant emotions. Decades of indoctrination and weaknesses have forced you to wear coloured glasses, which you now fear to get rid of and see the world for what it is, in all it resplendent beauty. And I can assure you, you have missed out on a lot. Beauty is not subjective, as many may claim. It is absolute and a function of the universe and everything in it. Only because you fail to compute the function, do you assume it to be subjective. We shall get back to that, but we need to first establish if I have your undivided attention.

Discarding the uncertainty is never easy. Many have tried and failed. But it is often the first step, and for many the only step. Because this step means you have accepted the truth and seen reality. And if not seen it, at least opened your mind to the logical consistent idea of objective truth, one that does not waver with the changing currents of social norms and tired advertising jingles.

People like me are few, unchanging constants in a world of flux. I look down at you, as you look down upon an ape. 'Evolved' is the word you use but you never did evolve. Certainly not. I thus dare not use such absurd terminologies. For the moment, I shall only claim to be 'refined', having freed myself from the old rotting waste that stick to your soul. The same filth that your soul absorbs until is but a wasteland of lies and despair. All of you hold it in, unable to let it go. The burdens of the past, the weight of emotions, the redundancy of societal conformity or just the agony of incomplete lives.

I am free. I am cleansed. And I offer this gift to you too. Let me preempt your next question. Why do I care? What do I have to gain? Allow me to start from the beginning.

The End

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